Sunday, July 8, 2012

Julep Jodie

I originally intended to post this last night, but ended up going to a friend's 30th birthday celebration and drank a bit more than I intended... so there you go. I'm definitely feeling it today, though. Guess that's what I get for trying to act like I am still in college and not close to turning 30 myself!

Anyway, tonight's polish is Julep Jodie. I received Jodie in my March Maven box but apparently never got around to swatching it until last month. Whoops! Jodie is described as a "deep rose with a golden shimmer" and she's kind of a shape shifter. You can see that there is definitely the pink tone in this polish, but in some lights it seems more like a copper.

I used two coats here and the formula was pretty nice to work with. You do have to be careful not to get too much polish on your brush, because otherwise you can end up with brushstrokes. But it is nicely pigmented and opaque in two coats.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light: 

This is an unusual polish and I don't think I have anything else like it in my collection. I think this is a pretty polish and would probably be great color for fall. I like how it's pink toned, but not a really obvious pink. This probably isn't a polish I would see on the shelf and gravitate towards immediately, but it's very pretty on the nail and I'm glad I have it around for when I'm in the mood to wear something different.

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  1. Very pretty. I agree that I wouldn't gravitate towards it but it's very nice!