Saturday, November 2, 2013

Short (hopefully!) hiatus

Well, I have two pretty good reasons for taking some time away from my blog right now-- my new baby boys, Edward and Phillip! They were born on October 12th, after what seemed like an interminable stay in the hospital because of preeclampsia and then a very long and arduous labor & delivery (I will spare you the details here)-- and almost another week in the hospital after that, including a short NICU stay for Phillip! We're all home and doing very well-- the boys are three weeks old today and gaining weight like champs and I am rebounding from my c-section remarkably quickly.

Still, it's a lot of work caring for two infants and even though we have help from both grandmas (one after the other)... it's a lot of work!! Granted, they are only three weeks old and things will get better but in the meantime my life mainly consists of changing diapers, feeding/pumping and trying to get some sleep. Truly glamorous, yes? But they are adorable and I love them to bits. So my blog will be on a bit of a hiatus until they're a bit bigger and I actually have time to paint my nails and post! I do have swatches, but it's finding time to post that's an issue. Hopefully soon!