Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nail polish jewelry from Polish Findings!

I have a special post for you guys today! Amanda, who is the author of Fashion Footing, also has an Etsy store (Polish Findings) where she creates and sells nail polish jewelry! She recently put out a call on Twitter asking for reviews of her jewelry. I responded that I would love to review some of her jewelry, so she sent me three pieces. This is my first time reviewing jewelry, so hopefully I do a good job! 

**Disclosure: the following products have been provided for review**

First up, Amanda sent me this lovely ring! I don't have 'official' descriptions for any of these, so I can't say what polishes were used to create them. This ring looks to have a white-gold flakie top coat on a soft sea green background. I love how this ring is sparkly and soft at the same time. To me, despite the gold flakies, I think the color combination is subtle and neutral enough to be worn with almost anything. The ring size is adjustable and so should fit a variety of fingers, though you may have issues if you have super tiny fingers. My only issue with the adjustable rings (and this is ALL adjustable rings, not solely the one I received from Amanda) is that they sometimes get pinchy after you have adjusted them-- but I think some gentle tweaking with a pair of pliers would solve that problem. I am probably not aided in this area right now by the fact that I'm pregnant and therefore prone to swelling in my feet and fingers!

Up next, I have a subtly gorgeous pendent. This one features various sizes of white hex glitter and some small holographic glitter on a grey background in an antique brass-looking setting. This one is so pretty-- I love the white against the grey, it's subtle and sparkly. I like the added touch of the purple bead-- you could coordinate it with an outfit or just use it as an every day piece! The subtly of the colors is actually one of the things I really love about this.

Lastly, I have a eye-catching orange and gold pendent necklace! It consists of a gold glitter (small circle glitter and very fine glitter) on an orange background. I would go so far as to guess that the gold is Julep Vivien, but am not 100% positive. Anyway, this pendent has a silver setting/chain and from a distance I love that this pendent looks like a little bit of captured fire, or even a piece of amber. I'm wearing it right now to give a pop of color to a very neutral outfit. I love it!

Each of the pieces came individually wrapped in bubble wrap and it's own little organza bag. While certainly not as fragile as a bottle of polish, it was nice to see the pieces wrapped up so they wouldn't be at risk for breaking and the organza bag was a nice way of 'dressing them up' a bit! I find the pieces to be well-made-- the glass cabochons are well seated within their respective settings and I like that Amanda has a variety of settings and shapes available in her Etsy shop. One thing I especially like about the pendents is that they have large clasps, so they're easy to get on and off. Over all, I respect Amanda as a beauty blogger and I'm highly impressed by the pieces from her shop-- I've definitely added a few to my Etsy favorites list!

Thanks to Amanda's generosity, she made a coupon code for all my readers! You can get 10% off your entire order from Amanda's store using the code LACLAND10. Go forth and shop at Polish Findings! Amanda has lots of different pieces available in her store, including necklaces, rings, and earrings and she is willing to make custom pieces if you contact her directly. 

These products were received for honest review!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

American Apparel Zuma Beach

Tonight I have the last polish from the American Apparel Sheer collection, Zuma Beach. I think this is a case of saving the best for last, because this was probably my favorite of the six. I would describe Zuma Beach as a sheer, chartreuse green jelly. Or maybe funky 1960's avocado green jelly? Either way, it's ugly pretty and proud!

I used three coats here and Zuma Beach is definitely on the sheer side-- I wouldn't recommend a single coat because at least with my skin tone, it made my nails look like they had a weird fungal infection. Application was a little bit more uneven with the first two coats, but three evened everything out pretty well. Even after three coats there is still some visible nail line, which may or may not be a deal breaker.

Artificial light - flash:

Artificial light: 

Natural light - shade:

Natural light - sun:

Despite the funky color, I think this was my favorite just in terms of the final look. Actually, the fact that it's a funky color probably helps. Similar to Pacific Beach, I think this is a pretty unique color for a jelly polish (in fact, moreso than Pacific Beach). In fact-- I have another manicure featuring this as part of jelly sandwich to share with you later!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Birthday manicure!

This past week I turned the big 3-0!! I'm no longer a 20-something! In a brief moment of reflection, given that turning 30 is supposed to be a big deal, I have to say-- I'm not that bothered by moving from my 20's to my 30's. I have a lot of great things to look forward in this next year and really, age is just a number, right?

I definitely have too much polish and was stumped to come up with something special for my birthday. Because the weather has been so nice, there was a color combination calling my name-- coral and gold. I'm ready for summer! I decided on the following polishes: Rescue Beauty Lounge Smile and Cult Nails Walk of Shame. Smile is described as a "dazzling red light, a neutral red, and full of sunny, shimmery goodness," while Walk of Shame is described as a "clear base with medium sized, blingtastic gold glitter sprinkled with holographic microglitter." I used two coats of Smile and then layered a coat of Walk of Shame on my ring finger.

Artificial light - flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Smile is gorgeous and just seem appropriate-- I'm happy and content with life right now. And Walk of Shame is also gorgeous and was easy to  apply-- luckily, I'm too old to be doing any real walks of shame and will just wear it on my nails instead! I really liked this combination. A manicure that's slightly grown up but also has a fun side. And failing all else, at least I started 30 being perfectly polished-- on my nails, anyway!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Julep Clara

I was out of town all weekend celebrating my birthday with family, so I'm way behind on posting and on reading my blogs. Tonight I have Julep Clara, which was an add-on to my May Maven box. Julep describes Clara as an "opaque peach creme." I apparently didn't take any notes on this, but since I applied it last Thursday, it's still fairly fresh in my mind!

I used two coats here and while it generally looks pretty good, it was a still slightly streaky. I just didn't feel like putting on another coat. I used a light touch when applying this, because otherwise I feel like this polish would have dragged and been even streakier. In my pictures I am also wearing Cult Nails Wicked Fast top coat.

Artificial light - flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Today is my last day in 20s-- I turn 30 tomorrow! How crazy is that?! It's amazing how quickly the time passes. This was the manicure I wore on my last weekend as a 20-something and I love how springy this looks. I felt it made my fingers look a little bit more tan and was a great neutral-ish polish to wear that went with pretty much everything!