Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cult Nails Fairy Tale Collection Review!

Tonight I have a round up of the Cult Nails Fairy Tale Collection- very on trend since fairy tales are big right now, at least in television! This collection consists of five polishes in total, which of course have fairy tale themed names. There are three shimmers, a creme/jelly and a multicolor glitter!

Princess is a soft, delicate greyed out light blue with a gorgeous pink shimmer:

Charming is a sheer dusky purple with intense pink and blue shimmer: 

Evil Queen is an intense cherry red jelly:

Feelin' Froggy is a sheer kelly green with green shimmer:

Happy Ending is a pastel, multicolor shredded glitter topcoat:

I have to say that I think my favorites are Charming and Evil Queen! But of course, like all Cult Nails collections, all the polishes are fabulous! The formula on these was great and they were all easy to apply. All the colors except Evil Queen are unique to my collection, which is cool. So another great collection in the books from Cult Nails-- all these polishes retail for $10 on their website.

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