Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Zoya Tanzy

Entering the second half of Zoya's Sunshine Collection, I have Zoya Tanzy this time around. Tanzy is described as a "light, bright tangerine orange with yellow gold metallic sparkle. A sunny orange that's easy to wear year-round." I thought from other pictures I had seen, this polish would be a close match to China Glaze's Orange Marmalade (you can see it here), but in person this polish is much more yellow. It does appear fairly orange in the pictures I have, but truly, it's not as orange as it seems. Yellow-orange would probably be an appropriate description.

I needed three coats to make this polish opaque and I used Zoya's Anchor Base Coat and Armor Top Coat with Quick Dry Drops. 

Artificial light:

Artificial light with flash:

Natural light (shade):

Natural light (sun):

Another really pretty addition to the Sunshine collection!

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