Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Zoya Faye

Next up in the journey through Zoya's Sunshine Collection is Zoya Faye. This was probably the most intriguing polish in the whole collection-- colors you don't often see mixed together. Zoya describes this polish as "a bronzed mauve with purple and brown undertones flooded with bright gold sparkle. A unique gilded shade that will work in any season." It definitely has a fall feel to it because of the purple/mauve base color, but the sparkle makes it summery. In the bottle, the polish seems very purple, but sadly on the nail I feel like the purple didn't show up as well. Here is a picture from Zoya's website for reference:

The color was easy to apply and I needed three coats to make it opaque. I loved the color, but I fear the photos do not to it justice as at all. In low lights the purple was much apparent, and in brighter, more direct light the gold glitter really takes precedence and the polish looks more bronze in color.

Artificial light:

Artificial light with flash (I am giving you two pictures here, so you can see the variations in the color):

Natural light (shade):

I apologize for the state of my nails in the last picture-- they got dented overnight. But it's still a very pretty color.

The only downside to this polish is that I noticed notable staining of nail beds after I removed this polish. Quite honestly, I have never had such issues with staining of my nails before, and I've used a lot colors that are prone to staining, especially the blues and greens. But my nail beds had gone from a yellow/cream color to very pink/red. Yikes! I will be having an upcoming special about how to remove stains (I hope). It is possible that my nails very previously stained when I wore Kimmy or even Reva, but I only really noticed it after removing Faye.

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