Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Nails

So, Easter is now less than two weeks away. And I need to figure out my nails! Easter's a big deal in my family, and this year I'm hosting Easter brunch for my sister, her boyfriend and my uncle now that my parents aren't in town anymore. My coworkers tease me about being the only person they know who still buys an Easter outfit, but... I love having an excuse to buy some cute spring clothes (and shoes)!

Here's my Easter dress:
Image: Nordstrom

And my shoes:
Image: Anne Klein

So now what the heck do I put on my nails? I thought about playing with the colors that are already on the dress-- pink and orange, and I went for something complimentary in yellow and then some neutrals.


From left to right they are: Julep Cameron, Sephor by OPI Access 24/7, Zoya Areej, and Cult Nails Devious Nature


I don't have many oranges that I thought would be appropriate and to be honest I'm not really sold on any of these either. I have Julep Alicia, Urban Outfitters Orange 6 and Orange 7, and Julep Hayden.


For yellow I have the following: RBL Square Pants, Julep Blake, China Glaze Lemon Fizz, RBL Yellow Fever, Chine Glaze Solar Power, and Cult Nails Feel Me Up.


And... our neutrals! Essie Barefoot & Topless, RBL Sheer Nude, Essie Sand Tropez, RBL Jane, China Glaze Fast Track  and Knotty.

I suppose I could also go for a light blue (maybe on my toes). Any suggestions? I had some grandiose ideas about potentially doing some colorblocking but that might be too much. Right now my preference is probably for a pink, a yellow, or a neutral-- though I'm pretty even on which I'd prefer. I think I've ruled out orange (maybe) just because I'm already wearing orange shoes and it look weird (though perhaps not with a more peachy color). It's just choosing which shade to wear!


  1. Those shoes are super cute! I like a pink manicure with that dress. Extra pop of color!

    1. Thanks! =) I love shoes. I keep back to pink as well.