Monday, January 16, 2017

Colors by Llarowe Arc de Triomph

Today I have the polish I actually wore for Christmas! Colors by Llarowe Arc de Triomph was a limited edition polish for the Indie Shop California event, but several makers were kind enough to release extras/make more available to those of us who couldn't attend. I saw a bunch of swatches of these polishes and instantly fell in love-- especially because I have been to Paris and so these polishes called to me. Plus I'm a fan of the CbL line anyway, so it wasn't a real hard sell.

Arc de Triomph is described as a "silver linear holo with gold flake and golden shimmer. This polish looks different in every light. It will look silver, taupe or brown based depending upon your lighting." This is so true! I thought the gold flakes and shimmer would make it appear more golden but it was definitely more silvery and darker than I expected. The formula was good-- a little thick as a lot of CbL polishes tend to be but in a good way. This went on easy and I didn't have any issues. I probably could have used two coats, but did my standard three to make sure my coverage was complete. 

I have to say, at first I was a bit disappointed in Arc de Triomph, mostly because I felt that the photos/swatches I had seen of it made it look a lot different than how it looked in person. I think I just didn't realize from the outset that it was actually more silvery and a lot of the photos I saw made it looks more silver/gold when I would say it skewed darker silver/platinum. BUT... I still ending up liking this. It looked lovely on and worked well with everything! It was maybe a bit darker than I wanted but that's ok because it worked out in the end. Unfortunately the holographic masked the flakies in these photos, but you could definitely see them in low lighting.

Unfortunately, this polish was a limited edition run and is now sold out and I don't think it will be back, but you never know! Happy Monday-- hopefully you have a holiday or at the very least a quiet day.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Julep Kristjana

Hey look, it's a Julep polish!! Remember when I used to post Julep polishes all the time? While I'm still a Julep Maven (though I have started skipping the monthly box with some frequency), it's rare their polish really catches my eye these days. I find myself more interested in their make up and skincare products than the polish, who would have thought! But occasionally a polish does catch my eye, and so today I have Kristjana to share with you. Kristjana was in my November Maven box (which I really wanted because of the new Matte Lip Mousse, one of my favorite lip products) and kept this polish in my box because it looked pretty. When my box finally arrived and I opened it, I knew I had made the right choice because I actually wanted to wear it right away.

Kristjana is described as a "sweet plum holographic" and I would say that's pretty accurate. It's a deep red-toned plum purple with a chunky holographic finish. I used three coats here, but probably could have gotten away with two. Formula was decent, not too thick or too thin and I didn't have any issues applying it. The Julep bottles are still long and skinny, so the necks can get a bit gunky but that didn't affect the polish I was applying.

I was surprised by how much I liked this! I feel like Julep has fallen behind in the nail polish game-- they produce A LOT of polish and while a lot of their polish would have been ground breaking a few years ago, it's pretty par for the course these days. And the formulas can be very hit or miss dependent on color and finish. However, I feel like this is a winner! I don't think it's unique by today's nail polish standards, but it's a pretty color and the chunkier holographic sparkle (something I have grown to like over time) is a lot of fun and very attractive. I enjoyed wearing this one, a lot!

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a good weekend! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Love Angeline 10/16

Again, starting off with sad news... Love Angeline has also decided to close her doors! It's not happening until February but it will be happening and they are slowly cleaning out inventory. I'm not totally surprised by this announcement, as Natosha had previously posted she had considered closing Love Angeline, and recently handed the reins of the business over to a friend, even though she was still making all the polish. So while not unexpected, it is a shame because she has produced a lot of lovely polishes and I have enjoyed them! Luckily for you, I'm behind in all the polishes I do have, so you will some other lovelies from this brand.

10/16 is a deep olive green holographic. There's not much more to say there! It's a nicely pigmented polish and was maybe a titch on the thicker side, but nothing difficult to work with. Usually I make a quick note if I used two coats, so I think I must have used three here, though I feel like two would have been fine. I don't have much more to add-- I didn't have any issues with this!

Hey, another gorgeous green! 10/16 is definitely dark, but it doesn't veer into black territory and works well for the darker colors we see in the fall and winter months. I feel like photos don't capture it as well as I would have like, but it's very pretty!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Enchanted Polish November 2016

Today I have another monthly mystery from Enchanted Polish to share with you-- November 2016. Actually, I wore this before I wore the October mystery polish, but didn't manage to get up on the blog as soon as I wanted. (The best laid plans, yaddda yadda.) Really, this was to my advantage because now I actually have material to blog about. First things first... how do I even describe this polish? I have trouble pinning it down to one thing, because it's kind of a chameleon! November 2016 is a purple toned grey taupe neutral with a delightful pink shimmer!

I expected the formula on this to be on the thinner side; to my delight, it was not! The polish was decently pigmented, though my brush had a few wonky strands that made the actual polishing interesting. But this applied very smoothly and I had to be careful not to get too much on my brush so it didn't pool on my nails. I probably could have used two coats but decided to do a third, like I usually do. No issues, though, and even the wonky bristles didn't impact me too much!

Overall, this color is kind of funky but I like it a lot. Some people might find the color difficult to wear, but it's very pretty. Frankly, I'm not even sure if I can really pull it off, but I'm game to try it at least once! And like I said, despite the funky color, I actually do like this quite a bit! What do you think of oddball colors like this?

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Daily Hues Nail Lacquer The Peacemaker

Like I said, I went on a green kick last month and so here's another green polish for you! Today's polish is Daily Hues Nail Lacquer The Peacemaker. This polish was actually a custom for someone in the FB group, but she gave permission for Jenn to recreate the polish in a small batch for anyone who was interested in buying it. The unique color intrigued me, and so I decided to snag a bottle while I could. The designer of this polish says that it was based on the saying "extending the olive branch" and so it was given the name The Peacemaker. The polish is an olive green creme with golden shimmer flakes and just a tiny bit of holographic sparkle.

Big news: I only used two coats here! This is a pretty thick creme, but not in an unworkable way-- the kind that's nicely pigment and goes on easily and so two coats is just perfect! I didn't have any issues and this was easy to apply! Despite the darker base color, the shimmer isn't swallowed up and gives the whole polish just the right amount of sparkle and light without being overwhelming.

Hey look, another green I like! Maybe the world is ending, haha. But seriously, I do think this is a really love polish. The color, the name... it just works! As I mentioned the last time I blogged about a Daily Hues polish, the brand is currently on hiatus which may or may not be permanent (at this point I would guess permanent but we'll see) so unfortunately this polish is no longer available. But I still have goodies from Daily Hues I plan on sharing with you this year!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Enchanted Polish October 2016

A couple weeks ago I was really on a green kick and lucked out because I had several very lovely green polishes just waiting to be taken for a spin! Today I have one of the Enchanted Polish monthly mysteries to share with you, October 2016. This year the mystery polishes are all shimmers (as opposed to her usual holographics) and as a shimmer fan, I'm loving it! October 2016 is a serene sea green creme with a strong blue shimmer.

The formula on the first coat was a little thin; a bit thinner than I would have expected, but not difficult to use. I used three coat here to reach the level of opacity I wanted. Two coats might have worked, but I wanted to make sure I didn't have any thin spots. The shimmer is gorgeous and strong and doesn't get lost in the deeper base color, as you can see from my photos!

I loved this polish more than I expected! To me, it looks like glass and I love it so so much. I have warmed up to green polish a lot as I have blogged-- well it's still not usually the first color I reach for, there are a lot of gorgeous greens out there and I would add October 2016 to that list. This goes on the list for one of my favorite polishes of last year! The blue shimmer combined with the base is just such a lovely combination and I can't get enough of it!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Nine Zero Lacquer Twinkle Lights

Hey all! I took a little bit of an unintended break over the holidays, but between traveling, said holidays, and being sick again... blogging wasn't really on my mind. Well, it was, but I could not muster the energy or time to get anything accomplished. So let's get 2017 off to a festive start! Today's polish is actually from Nine Zero's 2015 Christmas collection and it's called Twinkle Lights and is described as a "silver holographic with semi-transparent rainbow glitter." This sums it up nicely!

Twinkle Lights was pretty easy to work with. The first coat was a bit sheer, but it built up nicely. I used three coats and there is still a little hint of visible nail line but it's not distracting-- the polish is so sparkly that you definitely don't notice! The red, blue, green, and yellow glitter are fun pops of glitter but not hugely distracting; because they are semi-transparent they glow a bit but blend in nicely with the holographic sparkle. My only very very minor quibble would be that the yellow glitter gets a little lost, but it's a fun surprise when it pops out and reminds you it's there!

Again, this is another polish I wish I had worn earlier but it's so pretty that it makes up for any delay! I love how sparkly this is and I think it perfectly captures the delight of holiday lights-- something I personally love and wish we would keep up all through out winter when it's so grey and dreary. Twinkle Lights is a fun holiday polish that frankly doesn't feel too "holiday" if you catch my drift. I feel like you could wear this are other times of the year and people wouldn't necessarily think it was for Christmas. I loved this! If you like this, it's still available on the Nine Zero site, along with a golden version called, appropriately, Golden Lights.

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Purple Friday: Lollipop Posse Lacquer A Party for Calming All Your Nerves

Hey all! My probable last Purple Friday post! Tomorrow is the big day-- UW meets Alabama in the Peach Bowl as part of the college football playoffs! I feel like there's a lot riding on us to do well because the rest of the Pac-12 has been playing very poorly in their bowl games (overall the conference is 1-2 right now... not a pretty picture). The Dawgs are big underdogs in this game and most don't expect us to have a chance. I'm waffling being pessimistic (Alabama is so good, no one can beat them!) and optimistic (if anyone can beat them, Chris Peterson can!). Hard to know! Needless to say, my husband and I have a baby-sitter all lined up so we can go off and cheer on the Dawgs with some adult beverages. Hoping it's a good game, regardless of the outcome-- though of course I want the Dawgs to pull off the big upset! Let it be known that my husband picked this polish because of the name (which I picked because of the color, of course)-- it was this or one other polish so we'll see if this brings UW any luck!

This is my first experience with Lollipop Posse Lacquer.  I felt like the shipping took a really time, though to be fair I did order Thanksgiving Weekend, which is a busy time with sales and such. A Party for Calming All Your Nerves is from the Christmas Kiki collection and is described as a " matte, royal purple shade filled with blue-violet shifting shimmer." Yes, that's pretty spot on. The first coat was a bit sheer, but it built up. I wish it had been a bit more opaque but it wasn't bad. I used three coats here and there is maybe a hint of visible nail line but you can't really see it. In applying it again I might try to use slightly more polish on the second and third coats to really make it opaque. 

 Apparently I forgot to take pictures of my other hand pose without top coat! Whoops! I will try to get some later. I did add a top coat and you can really see how the shimmer pop!

This is a gorgeous color! I'm a little sad that it started off sheer but was happy it built up! The color is pretty stunning and I love both the matte and shiny finishes of this! The shimmer is really strong and I'm a sucker for that.

Go Dawgs! Beat the Crimson Tide! 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Level Up Lacquer Rebel Scum

I meant to sneak this in on Friday but forgot my SC card and was otherwise lazy or busy (mostly busy) this weekend, so you're getting this first thing Monday morning instead! It's no secret I'm a huge Star Wars fan (do you remember my month of Star Wars inspired nail polishes?!) so of course I have been eagerly anticipating Rogue One. This year my husband and I saw it right away and I loved it! It's very intense and emotional and I can't wait to see it again (one or two or three times). So I figured that I needed some sort of manicure to help celebrate. Looking through my stash, I grabbed a polish I didn't get to back in May; Level Up Lacquer Rebel Scum! It seemed appropriate given that the plot of this new movie revolves around the rebels stealing the plans to the Death Star.

Rebel Scum is inspired by the orange flight suits that rebel pilots wear. It's a shimmery orange jelly with white hexes and squares and gold triangle glitter. I was kind of afraid this would be sheer and the glitters would be a nightmare to apply-- I was partly right. I honestly think if I had been more on the ball and not waited until 10pm on Thursday night, I would have had fewer issues. The glitter in this polish sank and so my initial coat was mostly just base and almost no glitter. I finally turned it upside down and allowed the glitters to redistribute it was much easier to grab them with the brush and get them on my nail. So really I think it's mainly because this polish has been sitting around for many months and not because the polish is bad. I needed three coats to achieve the level of opacity I wanted and there is still a bit of VNL.

I like Rebel Scum for its Star Wars inspiration, though this definitely isn't a polish I would wear every day. (I like orange polish, of course, but am not a big glitter fan on a regular basis.) This is really spot on, given the inspiration! It's too bad the glitter settled but it was easily remedied with shaking the polish up. Overall I'm glad I was able to throw together a manicure that was a Star Wars manicure so I could see Rogue One in style!

Happy Monday all! Did you guys have busy weekends or did you get to do something fun and relaxing?

Friday, December 16, 2016

Daily Hues Alexandra

I can't remember what week it was now, but back in November I skipped a Purple Friday post because I was feeling pretty sick and didn't have the energy to paint my nails or blog about it. Thankfully, the polish I had applied before I got sick managed to hold up and was close enough to being purple that I just rolled with it for the football game (which the Huskies won, so I guess it worked, hah). Now I'll finally get around to showing you the polish, Daily Hues Alexandra. This was actually a group custom for the Facebook fan group. And now it looks like Daily Hues is going on a hiatus, if not closing, due to life/work. Another sad day for PNW polish fanatics; I feel like a lot of local makers are closing up shop, which sucks! Daily Hues did have some growing pains in the beginning which also didn't help, but I have enjoyed a good relationship with the maker Jenn and never experienced any issues myself.

ANYWAY... Alexandra was a group custom based on this photo:

The result is a really pretty polish! Alexandra is a rich pink toned purple orchid creme with golden shimmer with a dash of holo as well! The formula was good; a titch thick but easy to apply and I didn't struggle with it at all. I used three coats because of course I did, but I feel like two would have been sufficient for most people!

So pretty! I really like this! This is one of those shades that seems to be universally flattering and is really beautiful. I am bummed that Daily Hues is most likely going out of business but at least this gorgeous polish is mine!