Friday, September 4, 2015

Purple Friday: Enchanted Polish August 2015

And here we are at the first Purple Friday of the year! College football season is here, woo! My husband and I have actually traveled to Boise for the first Husky game of the year, which also happens to be tonight! This will be a tough game, made moreso by the fact that our current head coach is the former head coach of Boise State! Those games are always rough. Even with that, we are looking forward to some time away and getting to tailgate and enjoy the game without the kids. A mini-vacation before the reality of fall sets in!

To kick off the season and my Purple Friday posts, and I decided to grab Enchanted Polish August 2015. (It's close enough, right? We're only four days into September.) August 2015 is a gorgeous vibrant, medium violet purple linear holo. I only needed two coats and it went on super smoothly. I love it when polishes practically want to paint themselves on my nails. Enchanted Polish may be on the pricey side for an indie polish brand, but they are worth every penny. This did dry slightly darker on the nail than in the bottle, but it's a stunning purple.

Artificial light (flash):

I think this is a perfect purple to kick off Husky football season! It's my favorite time of the year and I have a lot of awesome purple polishes to share with you!

Go Dawgs! Beat the Broncos!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sunny's Body Products Exclusive Summer Getaway Seasonal Box

Oh boy, my favorite part of summer! The first seasonal box I got from Sunny's Body Products was the summer box (and I actually think that it was the first one ever released) and to this day it remains my all time favorite box that I have gotten. So when I saw that she was doing another summer box I knew right away that I would be snagging it-- though I've said this about every box I've gotten so far, haha! There were 10 different hand and body care products in this box. A note-- all my scent descriptions are taken directly from Sunny's website, as I could never properly describe these!

Lip Balm-- Coconut: the sweet refreshing scent of coconuts!!

No fooling around with this-- it's straight up coconut. I'm not a big coconut fan, but the scent here is not overwhelming and I actually don't mind it! Plus, it doesn't hang around for a long time.

On the Go-- Palm Island: Home of one of the most romantic and serene vacation spots in the world, Palm Island is an escape from a busy world.begins with a rejuvenating medley of sweet orange blossoms, yuzu, and kumquat; followed by middle notes of juniper, Mediterranean fan palm, and rosemary; and creates complete ecstasy with base notes of fresh sandalwood and Tahitian vanilla bean.

One of my favorite products! The scent on this one is a little heavy when first applied, but settles down quickly. It does linger, which I like. 

Bath Whip-- Capri Olivo: Wisk away to Capri Island; a breath-taking paradise overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. complex aroma of tart Japanese grapefruit, fresh osmanthus (sweet olive), and dew-covered watercress; followed by middle notes of rose, jasmine, and cassis. To create subtle ecstasy, Capri Olivo sits on a dry down of fresh amber and myrrh.

This has a slight, sweet floral scent with just a hint of herbals underneath-- I love it. It smells very refreshing and clean. Definitely one of my favorite scents from the box.

Triple Thick Lotion-- Kulu Bay: Kulu Bay is part of the wonderful Fiji Islands; where lush, virgin rainforests revitalize your well-being. An energetic blend of tamarind, crushed lychee berries, Tahitian Noni juice, and fresh cranberries; followed by the herbal freshness of sun-ripened figs; with base notes of basil and palm leaves.

For some reason, this scent was just ok to me-- it's not bad, but I'm not in love with the blend. It's a pretty light scent, though, so I'll use it. This lotion isn't greasy and sinks into the sink quickly.

Sugar Hand Scrub-- Havana Nights: A sultry and provocative blend reminiscent of a hot summer's night in a beautiful, mysterious land. spicy floral with notes of spiced citrus, fresh water lily, sensual jasmine petals, cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, dark musk, and amber.

This scent is so good! I'm a big fan of spicy scents and this is no exception. Love this!

Intensive Cuticle Therapy-- Tibetan Amber: begins with powdery top notes of lotus blossoms, rose, and jasmine, and follows with Oriental notes of amber, musk, patchouli, and French vanilla bean.

OMG, can I live in this scent?! So good! This is a very comforting, powdery scent that I love; clearly I am a big amber lover. This a is a great scent, I love the subtle hint of the vanilla bean at the end and I hope this makes a reappearance in Sunny's store! I would wear this as a perfume. Loooooove this and the clear favorite scent from this box.

Hand Butter-- Volcano: blends tropical fruits and sugared citrus (oranges, lemons, and limes) with violet leaf, sweet Japanese quince, sun ripened cassis, sparkling pomelo, sun weathered driftwood, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens.

So if I wanted to wear Tibetian Amber as a perfume, I want to drink Volcano. I am a big fan of cirtus scents and this is absolute perfection. It's bright and sparkling and fresh. Also one of my favorites from this box.

Cuticle Oil-- Tahitian Waterfall: sweet jasmine, wild lilies and violets, with the enchanting mist of a cool tropical waterfall.

This is a very nice, light scent. Not overwhelming at well, nor is it too watery. I'm not a huge fan of violets, but this is a nice blend.

Body Balm-- Cocktails By The Pool: Lounging by the pool is even better with this cocktail of summer inspired fresh & fruity scent. Top Notes: sparkling lemon, honeydew, pear. Middle Notes: vibrant orange, pineapple, nectarine. Base Notes: Lily of the Valley, jasmine, sandalwood, and vanilla.

This is a sweeter scent, for sure, but not so sweet as to be overwhelming. I can definitely imagine this fragrance in the air as I lie on a chaise lounge at a tropical resort, sitting by the pool and sipping on some delicious adult beverage. Man, where can I sign up for that?

Miracle Balm-- Weekend in Maui: Imagine a weekend getaway to a tropical island…the fresh fruits, floral blossoms and warm air of this fragrance set the tone for a mini escape. Top Notes: valencia orange, Italian mandarin, cassis, Anjou pear. Middle Notes: star jasmine, plum blossoms, vanilla orchid. Base Notes: sandalwood, golden amber, musk, palm woods.

This is a nice blend, though it leans a little watery for me. It definitely has a very tropical, light air to it. 

Of course, typically me running way late: these boxes are all sold out now. Sorry! I would highly encourage you to check out Sunny's shop and try her products; they're great! I look forward to see what she brings us for the fall and the holidays!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fairytale Finish Neverending Fairytales July 2015 box

Ok, I'm super late with this, especially because it's already September!! Wait, how did that happen? I feel like it was just July. ANYWAY... let me show you the polishes from the Never Ending Fairytale Box from July, which have sadly been lanquishing in my untrieds pile for a month (I did take these pictures awhile ago, but hadn't gotten around to editing and writing). The theme for this box was birthstones. Let's see what I got!

Crushed Garnet is a dark red jelly base with a variety of sizes of pink glitters. I used three coats here, but the jelly builds up nicely and wasn't too thick. This went on easily and smoothly and I didn't have to dab any of the glitters on. It dries down to a slightly textured finish. 


Sweet Sapphire Sky is a metallic blue microglitter with a smattering of larger pink glitters throughout. I assume this is to replicate two of the colors sapphires come in, the main one being blue, but you can also get pink sapphires. Fun fact: my engagement ring contains two Yogo sapphires, a type of sapphire found only in Montana and these were mined from my husband's uncle's claim (he is a gem dealer). And I do know that Amanda's birthday is in September, of which sapphire is the birthstone, so I'm guessing that's why we have a sapphire inspired polish. I did use three coats here, but maybe could have gotten away with two. This went on easily and dried down to a pretty smooth finish.


I'm not thrilled with my pictures of Sweet Sapphire Sky-- I feel like it looks bumpy when it fact it was smooth. Sorry about that! This was another winning box from Fairytale Finish and I've enjoyed the polishes I've received to so far.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Seahawk Sunday: Mango Bunny The Twelves

Hey all! Another Seahawks Sunday post... and probably the last one for a little while, because college football starts on Thursday and then I'll be pretty preoccupied with Husky Football (sorry Seahawks-- at least you finally won a preseason game)! Don't worry, I still have some Seahawks themed polishes that I have to share with you so those will make an appearance later on! This week I have another indie polish brand to share with you, Mango Bunny. This is another brand I have been introduced to through my PNW polish addict group and so far it's been a winner (I have some other polishes to show you, coming soon)!

Mango Bunny The Twelves is a white crelly with blue, green, white and silver glitters in it. The first coat was a little sheer, but three coats is perfect to make this polish opaque. Depending how carefully you applied it, you might be able to get away with two coats. The glitters were nicely distributed throughout, though the did want to come to migrate towards my free edge, so I did have dab a bit to make sure I got good placement on the nail.

Artificial light (flash):

I was really happy with this! The glitters don't disappear into the base, though I did need to dab a bit to get the glitters spread across the nail. It does build up nicely and easily. A clearly a winner, because the Seahawks also won this week! 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

HBP Presents Neon Stripes!

Hey all! Something new and different with this post! One of the nail polish related Facebook groups I'm a part of, Hobby Polish Bloggers, has a monthly themed link-up and August's theme is neon! As I was pondering my next manicure during the work day (yeah, it was so, and I think about what I'm going to paint my nails) I decided I wanted to try and participate this go 'round!

I decided to go for something simple and decided to use my two Savina neon polishes, Sunset  and Beach Ball. I had picked up some striping tape awhile ago and thought "hey, why not use that?". I was already wearing Beach Ball as a base, so I put down three pieces of striping tape on each nail and then layered Sunset on top of it. The idea was to kind of create a beach towel look. The only teeny tiny problem is that these colors are pretty similar to each other and are so bright that the stripes are a little difficult to distinguish. 

Artificial light (flash):

Hope you enjoyed this manicure and that your retinas aren't too scorched from all the neon! This was my first time using actual striping tape for a mani. It was definitely a little more intense than I expected, but soooooo much easier than trying to free hand or use scotch/painter's tape. This isn't perfect but it's a start!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Savina Sunset

Ok, since yesterday's post was kind of a bummer, let's do something fun today!! I have a new-to-me brand to share with you. The polish I have today is Savina Sunset. Savina is a brand I haven't really heard of or seen much of before. The bottles look a little like the China Glaze bottles (although there are really only so many polish bottle shapes) so I'm not sure if they are related. I picked up Sunset at Nordstrom Rack on a whim. It's neon, so why not, right?! Sunset is a neon red orange and it sure is pretty (and neon).

Sunset had a good formula. Nicely pigmented and thin without being watery and sheer; it applied decently and without too many issues. There was a little bit of streaking, though it wasn't enough to really bother me. I am pretty sure I only used two coats, and maybe should have used a third, but... I didn't feel like! Haha. There's also a hint of visible nail line, but it wasn't really noticeable in real life.

Artificial light (flash):

Whew, I hope you had your shades on! Sunset is bright! This is a perfect summer color and while the formula wasn't 100% perfect, it was decent enough and I am sucker for neons. They are an essential part of summer! I wore this on vacation and it was perfect for lying by the pool and soaking up the sunshine. So I think I can say I'm a fan of Savina and of this polish. I'll definitely be picking up a few more on future trips to the Rack.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sinful Colors VIPeach

Hey all, Happy Monday! Just a quick post today. I have one of the polishes from the new Sinful Colors Fall Collection. There are BUNCH of different polishes, but one part of the collection features all demi-mattes, inspired by classroom chalkboards. Demi-matte is basically the same as a satin finish-- there is a slight shine to the finish, but it is not glossy. VIPeach is, surprisingly, not peach. That's a little funny, right? In any case, VIPeach is pastel yellow.

Aside from the confusing name, I was sadly disappointed with VIPeach. The formula was a bit thick and also streaky. I did try and use a light hand while applying it, but even that didn't fix everything. I also had what looks to be like some bubbling with this, which is highly annoying! I like the color and am a fan of the demi matte finish, but sadly the formula frustrations make this just meh in my book.

Artificial light (flash):

And that's all from me today! I feel a bit bad for starting the week out on a downer-- VIPeach is a nice color, but the formula frustrations didn't impress me. I bought the whole collection of demi-mattes (and am searching for the black, white, and pink Walgreens exclusive ones) so I hope the others are better!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Seahawks Sunday: Fairytale Finish Can't Stop Won't Stop

Time for another Seahawks Sunday post! Once again, they played this past Friday and once again, we lost. What gives, guys? Anyway... there's always next week! This week we played the Kansas City Chiefs, which always brings back memories for me. 10 years ago this August, a very close friend and his wife were killed in a horrific car crash while driving through Wyoming. He was the youth director for my church (in fact, several churches in the area) and they were great mentors and support during those tumultuous teen years.They were from Kansas and accordingly, their favorite football team was Kansas City. One of the most memorable moments I have of him is from the second to last Seahawks game in the Kingdome, where they played the Kansas City Chiefs. I was a junior in high school, and my band had been invited to do the halftime show, which happened to be the day after Christmas. My friend showed up in a Santa Claus outfit, shirtless, to cheer on his team. All my schoolmates couldn't believe I knew a crazy, shirtless guy in a Santa outfit but it is a memory that makes me smile-- his enthusiasm was always infectious and I still miss him even after ten years. So I'm sad the Seahawks lost, but I also know my friend is smiling somewhere.

Let's get on to the polish! This week I broke out another Fairytale Finish polish, Can't Stop Won't Stop. This is a crelly glitter with a grey base and blue and neon green glitters in different sizes. The first coat went on very sheer. So sheer that I was a little worried it wouldn't build up. Luckily, I didn't have to worry too much! With the second coat, I had pretty good coverage and I added a third coat just to make sure it was completely opaque. That was all I needed! It dried down quickly and had a slightly textured finish, as glitters tend to-- so you definitely need a top coat to smooth it out. But otherwise, absolutely no complaints (aside from being slightly worried about the first coat)! This polish just needs a first coat to cling to, though I also used slightly thicker coats given my large nail beds. The glitter distribution is good and I didn't have any issues there.

Artificial light (flash):

I really like this! The Seahawks have used grey as a part of their uniform scheme in the past, which I don't necessarily love, but I think this works and captures it perfectly! So far I have yet to be disappointed by a Fairytale Finish polish, so I really need to get my hands on this year's Seahawk's duo! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Different Dimension Lyra

Today I have a pretty amazing polish to share with you, and introduce a new-to-me brand! (Technically there has been a Different Dimension polish on the blog before, but only as an accent nail-- this is my first real, proper post featuring the brand!) Today I have Different Dimension Lyra. This polish is part of Different Dimension's Shooting Stars series, which is a series of limited edition polishes that are released on Friday evenings and listed until they sell out. And as the title of the series suggests, they are named after stars! Lyra is beautiful silver holographic with multi-chrome flakies and silver flakies! You'd think that could be overwhelming, all the different elements harmonize beautifully to create an epic polish! 

I was not disappointed with Lyra at all. The formula was great and I had no issues at all while I applied it. Of course, I have no notes, but I'm pretty sure I only needed two coats. Because of all that's going on, I do have a lot of photos-- it was hard to choose! 

Artificial light (flash):

Natural light:

This is my first Different Dimension polish and I think it's official: I'm in love! Lyra is totally stunning. This polish has so much going on and it's irresistible! I couldn't stop staring at it-- every lighting situation brings out another aspect of this polish and it's never boring. I didn't want to take this off. Unfotunately, Lyra is long sold out now, but Different Dimension has a lot of other stunning polishes for sale.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Two-fer Tuesday: Wet n Wild Stream of Consciousness and A Latte Love

I figured it was time for another Two-fer Tuesday post! This week I have two polishes from the Wet nn Wild Silver Lake collection, which was released this spring. I am a sucker for these Wet n Wild Megalast polishes-- the colors are not necessarily ground breaking, but they are usually nice capsule collections and even better, have a great price point at $1.99! The quality is generally decent as well, which makes these even more of a deal! In fact, I already reviewed another polish from this collection, Warm Filter! Out of six total polishes, there were two more neutral polishes: Stream of Consciousness and A Latte Love. And these are the two I have to share with you today!

Stream of Consciousness is a pretty, sheer pinky-white polish with a golden shimmer running throughout it. In my photos I used three coats and you can see there is still visible nail line. So if you don't love sheers, this probably isn't for you! You might be able to make it opaque with more coats, but man, that's so much work! This is a type of polish I struggle with because it's not quite sheer enough to leave at just one coat, but requires too many coats to make it opaque and tends to be a little streaky. That said, it does have a very pretty, delicate feel to it and I really love the shimmer. 

A Latte Love is a sort of putty beige creme-- it leans a little grey, which may or may not make it more wearable for some. This had a great formula and applied very easily! My note-taking is pretty nonexistant right now, so I probably used three coats just to make sure everything was even. You could probably get away with two, though! I definitely don't recall having any issues with this polish while I was applying, other than trying to use a light hand during application.

Stream of Consciousness:

A Latte Love:

Hopefully you enjoyes this more 'neutral' edition of Two-fer Tuesday! These are both pretty polishes and great palette cleansers for all those bright and neons that pop during the spring and summer months! Hmmm, maybe I should try to layer Stream of Consciousness over A Latte Love! That could be pretty.