Monday, April 10, 2017

Short hiatus

Hey all! As you may (or may not) have noticed, things are pretty quiet around here! Not because I don't want to blog, though I admit I am not feeling particularly motivated right now, but because my real life is pretty busy right now (searching for a new job, as well as working on some new, different projects) and so I have frankly been exhausted and uninspired to blog! I'm still painting my nails, but only twice a week these days. And I still love it all, but as we know, it takes time and energy to polish, photograph, write, edit, and post!

SOOOOOOOOO... what does this mean? Well, I going to take a short hiatus for the month of April and recollect and figure out where my priorities are. I do plan on doing another Star Wars inspired month for May (as it is the 40th anniversary of A New Hope!) and I have a bunch of Star Wars related polishes to share so I didn't want to let that opportunity pass me by. I also plan, as of right now, to attempt some nail art, so hopefully that all works out! I'm excited to do it and have already start putting posts together so I'm ahead of the game.

And after that...? I'm not sure. It will depend on how things are going elsewhere. I suspect that it's going to be a pretty busy summer and there is a distinct possibility I may let my blog lie fallow until fall and football season starts up again (Purple Fridays, yay!). I don't really want to quit but it's hard for me to keep up and post in a timely and regular manner, which I don't love. This is a hobby, but shouldn't feel like a chore, which is does sometimes. I can't promise anything because I don't actually know right now.

Look for a slew of Star Wars related posts in May!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

KB Shimmer Big Apple of My Eye

And here's another red! Today's polish is KB Shimmer Big Apple of My Eye. This is one of the upcoming limited edition polishes for Polish Con in NYC. These polishes have been available on a weekly basis, so unfortunately this one is no longer available, though if you are going to Polish Con (or know someone who is) you will be able to snag a bottle there! Personally, I think this is a great way to do it, especially because not everyone has the funds to be able to travel to NYC. Big Apple of My Eye is a candy apply red jelly packed silver holographic microglitter, giving it a more scattered holo effect.

Big Apple of My Eye definitely has a more squishy formula, but was super smooth and easy to apply. I used three coats because there is some visible nail line, but you might be able to get away with two if you want! This does dry down with a little of texture, but that was easily taken care of with some top coat! 

This was a fun polish to wear! I actually decided to wear this for International Women's Day on March 8th-- I didn't strike, but did wear red in solidarity for women's rights. And Big Apple of My Eye was perfect for that! I am really happy with this polish-- no, it's not all that unique or different but it's a classic and I love the chunkier holo glitters and the jellyish consistency. I loved wearing this, a lot.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Different Dimension Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout Willis

This week has a mini red theme. Today's polish was an exclusive for the Polish Con held in Chicago last September. I did not attend, but luckily there were a few bottles of this polish, Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout Willis made available after the con and I managed to snatch one up. Of course, it's been sitting in my untrieds pile for months. But I was feeling the need for some red polish recently and decided wearing this was a priority. Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout Willis is described as a "garnet linear holo with added color shifting glitters and copper glitters."

The formula of Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout Willis is good, which I expected. It was nicely pigmented and flowed on the nail easily; not too thick or too thin. Despite the opacity, I ended up using three coats to make sure it was totally opaque on my long nails. But I would suspect most people could get away with two.

This is super pretty! I love the dark maroon color, and the holographic flash was pretty strong. This is a color that looks good, always. I'm sad I waited so long to wear it, but it was definitely worth it. Glad I grabbed this one!

If you happen to like this, it's actually still available at Color 4 Nails site but I wouldn't wait too long because once it disappears I don't think it will be coming back!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Girly Bits Grandma Got Run Over by a John Deere

Technically this is a polish from Christmas (as you can probably tell by the name) and is the other half of the December COTM duo. From the Girly Bits website, Grandma Got Run Over by a John Deere is described as an "interesting shade of green that sits somewhere between dill pickle and pine. I know, strange description. It's an interesting colour. It has a squishy depth to it, with a strong copper shift, and is swimming with the tiniest holographic sparkles." This is spot-on. There's a lot happening in this polish, and all of it is amazing and awesome! The copper shift compliments the other half of this duo and it's a fun twist on a traditional Christmas color (deep green).

Grandma Got Run Over by a John Deere had a good formula; a little thick but in a good way. The first coat was a little sheer due it's jelly-like consistency, but the second coat was almost opaque. I added a third coat for good measure because you know me-- I'm like that! 

My indoor photos didn't capture the green as well, so I snapped some outside shots with my phone:!! One of my kids' swim teachers actually complimented me on this! I love that. And she's not wrong, as this polish is really unique and beautiful. Even though green has never been my favorite polish color, I have really fallen in love with shifty green duochromes and this polish definitely falls into that category. It's complicated and gorgeous and I would seriously buy a whole range of polishes like this. 

Happy St Patrick's Day! Any fun plans for the weekend? A friend of mine is visiting from California and we are going to shop and see the Beauty and the Beast remake. I hope it's good! 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Different Dimension Leaf Me Alone

It's been awhile since I featured a Different Dimension polish! Today's green is an oldie but goodie: Leaf Me Alone. I actually think I bought this back in 2016 on sale (I'm pretty sure it was a fall 2015 polish... Good grief, I'm terrible.) So this has been sitting in my stash for awhile. BUT NO MATTER! Because Leaf Me Alone is still a good looking polish and I wanted to wear it in the lead up to this year's St. Patrick's Day. It's a yellow toned green holographic that could be called chartreuse, though yellow toned lime green would also work. 

Leaf Me Alone had a pretty good formula. It's a little thick but not problematically so; it goes on smoothly. The first coat was a little sheer, but it built up nicely. I used three coats to get opaque coverage over my wide nail beds, though I suspect overs might be able to get away with two. 

I love funky greens like this! I think the yellow tones work well with my skin and it's a more unusual color, which is fun. This was insanely holographic, which I loved. My camera is really bringing out the yellow here, but in real life it's pretty green, as you can maybe tell by the holographic flash. In any case, I really liked this! Happy to have it in my collection! 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sinful Colors Works Like A Charm

It's the week of St Patrick's Day, so I figured we'll go with a green theme this week! I picked Sinful Colors Works Like a Charm on a whim a week or so ago-- not that I need any new polish, but I've been jonesing for a mint and gold combo recently and for the reasonable price of $1.99, I decided I couldn't go wrong with this. Works Like a Charm is one of the St Patrick's Day collection Sinful Colors put out this year. There was another green I am wishing I had grabbed as well, but this was definitely a good choice.

The formula was ok, but not great. It's a little thick and prone to dragging, unfortunately. That said, I did used a light touch and used thinner coats and that made the application ok. Honestly, it could have been much worse so I'm pretty happy. After two coats I still had a uneven patches so I used my typical third coat and I think it looks great.

I got several compliments on this, which of course I always love when I wear a polish. I love the combination of mint and gold; it's so pretty! The formula wasn't perfect, but is acceptable for the price. I loved wearing this!

Hope everyone had a good weekend and that your week is off to a good start!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Enchanted Polish Prism of Darkness

To close out this week of Enchanted Polish, today I have a fun collaboration shade to share with you from Enchanted Polish and the blogger Fashion Polish! This was a collaboration for Fashion Polish's bloggaversary. The inspiration was her love of physics and prisms and vampy polishes. Prism of Darkness is described as a "deep purple holographic with color-shifting simmer." 

Perhaps not shockingly, this had a great formula! Prism of Darkness is nicely pigment and goes on smoothly. I probably could have gotten away with two coats but I used my usual three coats to make sure there weren't any thin spots on my giant nail beds. 

Here a couple of shots without the flash so you can see the green duochrome switch!

This polish is stunning! I love duochrome holographics and this one is definitely unique to my collection. I love how strong the shift is-- you don't see this sort very often. What a lovely polish; this collaboration was a real winner! 

Happy Friday and have a happy weekend! 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Enchanted Polish January 2016

Next up, I have January 2016, so this poor polish is already over a year old! Ack. I think this happens to all of us nail polish bloggers, though! Only so many polishes you can wear at one time!  January 2016 is a pinky beige nude creme with a strong yellow green shimmer.

I was expecting this to be a little bit tricky to work with, but I really didn't have any problems! The polish is on the thinner side,but is pigmented and flows easily on to the nail. I did use a light touch to avoid streaking, but that honestly wasn't too much of an issue! I used three coats here to make sure I didn't have any thin spots!

This color is a lovely nude, though I think it's maybe a touch too pink for my skin tone and gives me slight lobster hands. The contrasting green shimmer, though, is a lot of fun and makes it feel different from most nudes. It certainly makes it fun and unique and I love how much the shimmer stands out. Even though it doesn't quite suit my skin tone, I like this a lot! 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Enchanted Polish December 2016

Today I have another one of Enchanted Polish's monthly mystery polishes to share with you-- this one is December 2016. (I actually have the whole year... because I remember to purchase them during every preorder but of course I am behind, please don't act so shocked.) Last year Enchanted switched to doing shimmers for the monthly mystery polish instead of holos, which displeased some people, but I love shimmer so I was happy to see the change of pace. It remains to be seen if/what type of finish she'll do this year, assuming she keeps doing the monthly mystery polishes at all. December 2016 is a red creme with a strong green-gold shimmer running throughout.

December 2016 was a little thick, and definitely thickened up as I used it though I didn't really have any issues applying it. I used three coats because I felt like two coats still gave me some thin patches, and thicker coats can lead to some "streaks" in the finish due to the heavy shimmer-- in fact, the shimmer also gives the polish a metallic look and feel but it definitely isn't metallic. But it wasn't too bad in the end, as you can see!

Here's a bottle shot so you can see the shimmer:

On the nail this doesn't look quite like it does in the bottle, it's still really pretty. The overall effect of the shimmer gives the final appearance a more rusty red look than I anticipated; that said, it's quite unique looking and I liked the finished look. Definitely a unique one! Probably one of my favorites from the last year of mysteries!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Enchanted Polish Holiday 2016

This week is going to be a mini Enchanted Polish themed week because it just so happens that I've got several polishes from the brand that I need to share with you! In addition to her monthly mysteries, there's always an Enchanted Polish holiday mystery polish. Though the monthly mysteries were all shimmers last year, the holiday polish for last year was a holographic. Holiday 2016 is a beautiful orchid purple holographic, and while it doesn't immediately jump out and say "holidays!" to me, there is something delightfully whimsical about this polish and I think it works. Plus I am a sucker for anything purple!

Holiday 2016 was up to the usual Enchanted Polish standards and I didn't have any issues with it. It was nicely pigmented and applied smoothly and easily. I used my standard three coats but two would probably be sufficient for most people! 

Of course I love this! Were we really thinking I might not? Hahahaha, yeah, rhetorical question. Or no question! This was really lovely in person and I find the color amazing and wearable. Look at how it glows! I'm really happy to have this beauty in my collection; what a gorgeous color!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone has a good week!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Girly Bits Xmas and O's

Rounding off the week I have another Girly Bits polish to share with you-- this time one of the December COTM polishes! Today's polish is Xmas and O's (now I'm singing that Elle King song!). This is described as a "sparkling rose gold foil" which is spot on. I can't really add more to than that. Rose gold has been a big trend for what, at least the past year? I feel I'm pretty behind-- I honestly think this is the first rose gold polish I have! But, I think it was a good place to start!

I don't have any complaints to report about the formula! I used three coats, but two probably have been ok. This was smooth and generally pretty easy to apply, though the polish was maybe a bit on the thicker side. In any case, it definitely wasn't difficult to work with.

Here's a phone pic outside so you can revel in its beauty:

This is so gorgeous. I wore this for several days longer than I normally would have because it's just so stunning. All I wanted to do was look at my nails... so pretty. It was hard not to stare at my nails! This held up really well despite how hard I am on my hands; I can see myself reaching for this bottle again many times in the future! 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Girly Bits Every Day I'm Truffling

Today I have the other half of Girly Bits November COTM duo: Every Day I'm Truffling! Figured I better break this one before it got too late and it felt appropriate for the grey weather we're currently stuck in. Every Day I'm Truffling is described as a "medium mushroom grey crelly with gold and pink shifting shimmer and purple shimmer." To my eyes, the pink shimmer is what stands out most strongly, though you maybe be able to catch the gold at other angles.

The formula was good; I certainly don't have any complaints. It went on smoothly and easily-- I used three coats but probably could have gotten away with two. Because it's a crelly a light touch helps avoid any streaks, though as far as I can remember this was fairly well pigmented.

I love how prominent the pink shimmer is! Grey can be a hard color to wear and the shimmer definitely gives this a little something extra. I'm glad it doesn't disappear into the base! I'm not sure this color really worked with my skin tone, but the pink shimmer makes it unique to my collection.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Native War Paints Real Life Cart Jacking

This poor post-- I've literally been trying to get it up for weeks and it keeps getting rescheduled and rescheduled because I forget to finish it. No longer! Today I have one of the Black Friday polishes that Native War Paints released, Real Life Cart Jacking. I actually missed this the first time around but there was some leftover stock that was released in December so I decided to grab this one because it was the one I was most intrigued by. 

Real Life Cart Jacking is described as a "dark burgundy with turquoise shimmer." Yes! Some pictures make this look more red, but in truth it's a deep red with plummy brown tones to it. The turquoise shimmer is strong (and gorgeous). The formula was a pretty good, nicely pigmented but not too thick. I used my usual three coats but probably could have gotten away with two. I didn't have any issues with this.

Again, this wasn't quite what I expected, but I still like it. My photos make it look more purple than it was in real life, and though it does have purple tones you can definitely tell it's red. Apparently my camera had other ideas. I thought it would be more red, but I find the plummy red brown color very attractive as well and it works well with the turquoise shimmer. Definitely a more unique polish in my collection! 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Colors by Llarowe Siren's Song

And last but not least, today I have the Colors by Llarowe February 2017 POTM, Siren's Song. This is described as a "blurple linear holographic with color shifting glitters that shift green to red to gold." I have to say that adding these types of shifting glitters to a holo seems to be very in right now-- I know Enchanted Polish released a whole series of these (which you will eventually see here if I ever get around to it) so I guess CbL is also hopping on that band wagon. Not that glitter + holo is a new thing but these particular combinations seem to be big right now. And I'm sucker for a purple and love the color shifting so it's all a win win for me!

I used three coats here and maybe should have only used two as this did get a little thick. Siren's Song is definitely a bit thick to begin with, though definitely not unworkable. I think three coats was overkill as this is pigmented enough that two coats should be fine! The glitters are nicely distributed and while they do want to migrate to the free edge a little, it's not a lot of work to fix that. I how rich the purple looks!

Here's an outdoor shot where you can see more of the shifting glitter (please ignore the chip on my index finger-- I was in the middle of packing the car when I stopped to take a photo and noticed it, wahhh). But you can actually see how the glitters change color!

I thought this was really pretty but oh man, I probably need two layers of top coat because this chipped like the dickens on me, starting the day after I applied it. I hate that! Aside from that minor annoyance, though, this is very pretty and I'm happy to have it in my collection.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Colors by Llarowe Blue Steel

This week is a mini Colors by Llarowe week on the blog-- today I have Blue Steel, the January 2017 POTM to share with you! Blue Steel is described as a "blue to green deep charcoal based scattered holo with intense gold to green shimmer." This steely blue is perfect for the cloudy, cold days of January.

I didn't have any problems with Blue Steel and it was on par with most the CbLs I have. A touch thick but not in a bad way; this went on smoothly and easily. It's nicely pigmented and I probably could have gotten away with two coats but I used my standard three.

Here's an outdoor shot to give you another look at this beauty:

I love this. I'm always a sucker for blue and I love the platinum flash. I also like the softer holographic finish here. It's just so lovely and was a dream to wear. It looked so good! I really enjoy the

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Colors by Llarowe Fool's Gold

Today I have Colors by Llarowe Fool's Gold to share with you, and this was actually the December 2016 POTM but it's the first polish I applied in 2017! My original plan was to have a post about this polish up in January, but clearly that didn't happen! Ah well, here we are now! Fool's Gold is described as a "reddened purple multichrome that shifts from burgundy to green to gold with intense red to gold to green shimmer."

I was pleasantly surprised at the formula of Fool's Gold-- I thought it might be on the thin side, as some of these metallic duochromes can be, but it's really nicely pigmented and I actually had to make myself apply thinner coats so I didn't wind up with too much polish on my nails! I probably could have gotten away with just two coats, but because I did use thinner coats to start with I wanted to make sure I didn't have any thin spots so I used my standard three in the end. Photographing this was kind of a pain and I don't really love my photos because you can't see the shimmer or duochrome very well but hopefully you can get a sense of how rich it looks.

It's a little blurry but you can see some of the golden shimmer here:

While I don't think this polish is really unique amongst the range of duochrome polishes you can find out there, it's still pretty! I like that Fool's Gold is firmly in the red/magenta category-- I feel like a lot of polishes look red but end up more bronze/brown. This is a rich, elegent color and it's perfect for the holidays and cold winter months.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day mani with Love Angeline and Different Dimension

Hey all!! I was out of town this past weekend so I unfortunately didn't get any posts written up for this week (poor planning) but I had to paint my nails for Valentine's Day so I'm throwing up a quick post. I wanted to do something fun and I had some nice pink and red untrieds so I thought I'd try some easy nail art. And fortunately, it worked out!

I used Love Angeline Love as my base. Love is a pinky red raspberry holographic. It's very nicely pigmented and had a great formula-- it flowed easily onto the nail and was a dream to apply. I probably could have gotten away with two coats but used three because of my giant nail beds. Then I used a dotting tool to make a freehand heart on my ring finger using Different Dimension Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout Willis, is a dark cherry red holographic. 

I'm really happy with how this turned out, especially considering I've never done any sort of freehand nail art before! Luckily, a heart is a pretty easy shape to do, whew! It's not a lot but it's a nice little themed mani for the day, which is fun! And hopefully this can make me more confident to try some more nail art in the future. Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Native War Paint Brokelyn

Today I have one of the Polish Con exclusives-- these are polishes that are being released weekly as a lead up to the Polish Con being held in April in New York. This polish is Brokelyn by Native War Paints, a play on the location (Brooklyn) and how broke all the attendees are going to be when it's done, hah! I am not attending myself but I am pleased that they makers are releasing these polishes up to everyone prior to the event because not everyone can get there!

Brokelyn is a deep blue with a strong copper shimmer. The formula was good; this is nicely pigment and goes on smoothly and easily and wasn't too thin or too thick. I believe I ended up using three coats just to make sure everything was as opaque as I wanted it to be-- most people could probably get away with two coats if so inclined!

I also got a photo in the sun (with my phone) to showcase the amazing shimmer:

SHIMMAAAAAAAA!! *cough* Anyway...

This was a little darker than I was expecting but the shimmer is wonderful. I will say it disappeared a bit in low light but really was stunning in sunlight. The shimmer also dulls the blue pigment a bit and gives it almost a purple/grey tone but it's a small quibble because I think it's really pretty!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Painted Polish Feasts & Football

Oh man, I completely forgot about this poor polish sitting in my unpublished folder! I was scouring my brain for polishes I had worn and knew I was forgetting something! I actually wore this back in December, right before Christmas. I actually meant to publish this last month but real life has taken up a lot of my time and obviously I haven't been able to blog as regularly as I would have liked.

Feasts & Football was part of Painted Polish's fall/Thanksgiving collection and the photos were so stunning that I decided I had to have it! Feasts & Football is deep brown microglitter and holographic microglitter in a clear base. I actually wasn't expecting that at all (I guess I missed that in the description) so I was a bit surprised when I first applied it! But it built up nicely, though I did use three coats to make sure it was as opaque as I wanted it to be. But it was easy to apply and I didn't have any issues-- the base wasn't too thick so it didn't create problems! The holographic microglitter was very sparkly and this worked really well as a neutral.

I was really happy with this -- it's a gorgeous color and I definitely find that a holographic finish makes me much more likely to wear the color brown. This looked great on my nail! I was a bit surprised when I first applied it but it didn't end up being an issue at all. Now that I know what I to expect I look forward to using my other (and future, haha) Painted Polishes!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Girly Bits The Fuchsia Is Ours

Two weeks ago was the Women's March, which is the first overly political thing I have ever done in my life up to this point. I participated in with a group of friends and it was a great experience. I needed to wake up and shake off my apathy and privilege and this was the perfect way to to do it. Whatever your political beliefs, I think it's crucial to realize that yes, your voice does matter you can make a difference. Being involved and knowing what's going on is better for all of us!

I wanted to paint my nails pink for the march, and I knew I had a pink Girly Bits that was unused that would probably fit the bill. When I pulled it out and say the name was The Fuchsia Is Ours it was just perfect. The Fuchsia is Ours is described as a "bright pink holo with gold and orange shimmer." Being that Girly Bits is such a tried and true indie brand, I didn't expect to have any problems with this and indeed, I did not! This had a nice formula and went on smoothly. This was nicely pigmented, though I did use three coats to cover my giant nail beds (probably could have gotten away with two otherwise).

I love this pink! It's such a great color! It was super easy to use and it's such a beautiful color-- I fell in love! Sometimes you just need a good pink and fit perfectly. I was really happy with how this looked and it was just what I wanted for the march!

Happy Monday! Hope everything is off to a good start!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Colors by Llarowe Arc de Triomph

Today I have the polish I actually wore for Christmas! Colors by Llarowe Arc de Triomph was a limited edition polish for the Indie Shop California event, but several makers were kind enough to release extras/make more available to those of us who couldn't attend. I saw a bunch of swatches of these polishes and instantly fell in love-- especially because I have been to Paris and so these polishes called to me. Plus I'm a fan of the CbL line anyway, so it wasn't a real hard sell.

Arc de Triomph is described as a "silver linear holo with gold flake and golden shimmer. This polish looks different in every light. It will look silver, taupe or brown based depending upon your lighting." This is so true! I thought the gold flakes and shimmer would make it appear more golden but it was definitely more silvery and darker than I expected. The formula was good-- a little thick as a lot of CbL polishes tend to be but in a good way. This went on easy and I didn't have any issues. I probably could have used two coats, but did my standard three to make sure my coverage was complete. 

I have to say, at first I was a bit disappointed in Arc de Triomph, mostly because I felt that the photos/swatches I had seen of it made it look a lot different than how it looked in person. I think I just didn't realize from the outset that it was actually more silvery and a lot of the photos I saw made it looks more silver/gold when I would say it skewed darker silver/platinum. BUT... I still ending up liking this. It looked lovely on and worked well with everything! It was maybe a bit darker than I wanted but that's ok because it worked out in the end. Unfortunately the holographic masked the flakies in these photos, but you could definitely see them in low lighting.

Unfortunately, this polish was a limited edition run and is now sold out and I don't think it will be back, but you never know! Happy Monday-- hopefully you have a holiday or at the very least a quiet day.