Monday, May 8, 2017

Shleee Polish Scarif and Destruction of Jedha

I'm starting out the week with a two-fer! Today I have two newer polishes from Shleee Polish, and they are both inspired by new planets from the newest Star Wars movie, Rogue One! First up is Scarif, which is a tropical planet that housed the plans for the Imperial projects, including the Death Star.

Scarif is a light sky blue creme with a gorgeous gold and pink shimmer. I was really pleased with the formula-- it was nicely pigmented and went on very smoothly and easily. I used three coats here, though you might be able to get away with two depending on your polishing style. It was an easy three coats and went on very quickly. I loved how this looked on my nails and I didn't want to take it off!

Next up, we have the Destruction of Jedha, and sorry, the title of the polish is a slight spoiler if you haven't seen the movie. (Which you should, because it's really good.) The planet of Jedha is place of pilgrimage for those who believe in the Force and also a place where the Empire was mining kyber crystals to power the Death Star. As a polish, the Destruction of Jedha is a green based polish that shifts purple and is packed with multicolor flakies! The formula was good-- this went on easily and the flakies were dispersed well throughout the base. I did used my standard three coats, but probably could have gotten away with two.

I really love both of these! The colors are gorgeous and I love that they have different finishes. Scarif definitely recalls the lush, blue waters of the tropics and Destruction of Jedha shifts between many different colors, capturing the frozen desert. It's hard to pick a favorite, though Scarif holds a slight edge because I love a good blue and the shimmer!

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