Monday, May 23, 2016

NerdLacquer Hocchhh Kssshhhhh

Technically this could be a quote, I suppose, but I'm using NerdLacquer Hocchhh Kssshhhhh to kick off a week of Star Wars Villains! And today we're starting with the biggest and baddest villain of them all, Darth Vader! *cue Imperial March* "Hocchhh Kssshhhhh" is supposed to be the sound of Darth Vader's breathing. Say it out loud and it will totally make sense (well, as long as you have actually seen Darth Vader before). But Darth Vader is the most intimidating, fearsome villain the Star Wars universe has produced and made a huge stir when he first appeared on screenin A New Hope.

Hocchhh Kssshhhhh is described as a "sheer black with black hex, black square, black bar, and black micro glitter, finished off with big charcoal holo hex. The micro holo shimmer scattered throughout is The Force." It is on the sheer side, but does build up. I didn't have the easiest time applying it-- the glitters wanted to clump together and I had a difficult time spreading it around.

I decided it might be easier to see the different glitters if I matted Hocchhh Kssshhhhh, so I picked up a new matte top coat (Revlon) and it's working much better than my Zoya one, so I think there's something off with the my bottle and it's not just user error. Anyway, matte

Ok, I have to be honest... I was not in love with this as I wanted to be. The first coat was pretty sheer (which is in the description) and the glitters were a bit clumpy and it was a little thick and hard to spread around. Plus... I just don't know if the glitter mix really speaks to me. I think it looks pretty but I just don't love it. Which is a shame, but it is what it is!


  1. Nice swatches of it but its always a bummer when you don't love it as much as you thought you would once its on your nails.

  2. I wish you had a better experience with this because the idea and name are great. Great swatches anyway!

  3. I really want to like this, but I just don't. Sucks about the formula.

  4. I totally tried breathing out loud to see if I could get the title haha! Too bad you didn't love it, I know the feeling!

  5. This is a very unique looking polish, but I can see why the formula would be difficult.