Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May The Fourth Be With You! Previous Star Wars Manicures

May the Fourth Be With You!! Today is May 4th, also known as Star Wars Day to those fans, and my grand plan to share a Star Wars themed polish with you every day (well, probably not weekends, let's be real) for the next month. To kick off a month of Star Wars polishes, I decided to start with a round up of previous Star Wars manicures and polishes I have done on the blog prior to this!

Let's start at the very beginning... in a Galaxy Far, Far Away (by Amy's Nail Boutique):

Then we have this gorgeous blue, representing first Anakin's and then Luke's Lightsaber by Harlow & Co:

Then we have this gorgeous thermal from Liquid Sky Lacquer, representing the Rebel Alliance:

Last year I did a manicure for May 4th using a variety of Star Wars themed polishe; Lacquerlicious Path to the Dark Side, with accent nails using Glisten & Glow Saber This! and Different Dimension Saber That:

For the newest movie, I did a manicure for The Force Awakens, using Covergirl Nemesis and Level Up Lacquer BB-8:

For Valentine's Day this year I focused on my favorite couple and OTP, Han and Leia, using a duo from Dollish Polish, I Love You and I Know:

 So there you have it! All the Star Wars themed polishes I have used to date! Starting tomorrow and running through June 4th (which is my birthday, so I happen to think there's some nice symmetry there) I will have new Star Wars themed polishes from a variety of brands to share with you. I hope enjoy! (And even if you don't enjoy the movies or *gasp* haven't watched them you can at least enjoy some pretty polishes, right?)


  1. Great manicures these all are!

  2. Galaxy Far Far Away is so pretty. I'm a sucker for anything with iridescent glitter.

  3. I love these Star Wars themed polishes, especially Galaxy Far Far Away!