Friday, May 27, 2016

Darling Diva Sith Lady

To wrap up my villains week (though you may see a few more polishes related to this theme if I can get my sith together, hah) I have Darling Diva Sith Lady! I'm honestly not quite sure who this polish refers to-- the first person who comes to mind for me is Asajj Ventress, who was a prominent villain in The Clone Wars series and while she wasn't technically a Sith, was a Dark Force user... so maybe there's another EU person I've missed, but so I'm going with Asajj.

Sith Lady is described as a "gorgeous multichrome that shifts from red through to gold. Add to this a healthy dose of holographic flakes and you have a polish fit for a Sith Lady." The first coat of Sith Lady was a bit sheer, but the second coat made it almost 100% opaque, which tend to be the nature of polishes like this. I added a third coat for good measure, though I probably could have gotten away with two. Not too thick or thin, and it applied easily.

Isn't this stunnning?! I don't think I ever get tired of these holographic duochromes because there is so much going on. It helps that Seattle is having a lot of partly cloudy/sunny weather too, so I can enjoy both finishes throughout the day. In any case, I love how rich this looks!

Here's a quick shot to try and catch the shift (still hard to see, it's more apparent in real life... I wish my photos were better!):

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this shifty duochrome beauty! 


  1. Nice swatches of it. I don't own a lot of duochromes but they look awesome.

  2. Beautiful swatch! I love maroons and the fact that it is duo chromes makes it even more stunning!

  3. Oh man, this is so sexy. Like the deep vampyness is already beautiful, and the holo + duochrome just blows my mind. Awesome swatch!