Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dollish Polish Millennium Falcon

Switching gears again, the next few polishes are dedicated to one of the most iconic science fiction star ships out there: the Millennium Falcon! (Or if you've ever watched Robot Chicken, the Aluminum Falcon... just watch the video below.)

ANYWAY.... the Millennium Falcon. Iconic space ship won on a gamble. Might not be appealing to the eye, but she is more than the sum of her parts! Dollish Polish Millennium Falcon is described as a "bright silver with loads of holographic glitter, which bursts into a rainbow of colors when the light catches it." Yes, that covers it! This version of the Millennium Falcon is the ship at its best-- shiny, fast-- the best damn ship in the galaxy. 

The formula on this was pretty good! It was a little sheer on the first coat, but built up nicely. I used three coats to make sure I had the coverage I wanted. It's sooooo sparkly and gorgeous. 

I don't really think my photos do this justice, but hopefully you can appreciate how sparkly this is! Granted, the Falcon isn't as beautiful as this polish, but I imagine this is how Han sees her. And frankly, probably how fans saw her when she showed up in The Force Awakens. I love how shiny and sparkly this is! 


  1. I love a good sparkly polish.

  2. I can totally see and love how sparkly it is!

  3. Very pretty I like the darker base!

  4. Shades like this are usually hard to get just right in photos. It does look pretty great though!

  5. Photos never seem to do glitters justice do they. It looks gorgeous and you've swatched it beautifully