Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Colors by Llarow Luke, I Am Your Father

Today's famous Star Wars quote polish is actually a misquote, but whatever. Colors by Llarowe Luke, I Am Your Father is based off what might possibly be the most famous (and most misquoted) line out of the Star Wars movies. The actual line is "no, I am your father!" but it certainly sounds more dramatic with the name in front of it. This is the last polish from the May 2015 A Box, Indied. This was such a revelation when The Empire Strikes Back came out and shapes a lot of what happens in Return of the Jedi.

Luke, I Am Your Father is an inky black holographic polish with black microglitter (though the microglitter is a bit hard to see when the polish is opaque). The holographic finish has a strong blue flash and has a strong linear flash. For a CbL polish, I found this to be a bit on the sheer side, which is a bit unusual but it wasn't difficult to work with. It applied easily and built up nicely; I found I needed three coats to get the opacity I wanted. 

Of course, Seattle has had gorgeous weather-- up until the night I applied this! So I wasn't able to get any photos in the sunlight, argh. But I did grab a quick photo with my iPhone so you can (maybe) see the blue tones to it.

This was a really gorgeous polish and I think fits the quote perfectly. The darkness of the polish with the sparkle of the holo-- it works so well! I really like how even in lower lighting conditions you could still see the holo and it was really gorgeous in natural light as well. This is a winner in my books!