Friday, May 6, 2016

NerdLacquer General Effing Leia

If yesterday's polish represents the earliest incarnation we see of Princess Leia in A New Hope, today's polish represents her older, wiser, more mature and still kickass incarnation we see in The Force Awakens. I mean, the name says it all: NerdLacquer General Effing Leia! Not a princess anymore, but a full fledged General, which we didn't see in the original trilogy, even though pretty much everyone else got the title by Return of the Jedi. Glad they have remedied that 33 years later! General Effing Leia is described as a "muted plum base with a regal and complex silvery-green shimmer."

The formula was pretty good; a tad on the thick side but generally easy to use and I didn't have any issues applying it. It was opaque enough that I probably could have gotten away with applying two coats, but did three because that's my jam these days! I'll be honest, at first I was a little put off because my bottle didn't look nearly as purple as the photos on the NerdLacquer site, but the polish does dry darker on the nail than it looks in the bottle, so that might be the issue. I think the silver shimmer also greys it out a bit in photos, so it may be a bit more purple in real life.

Gorgeous, is it? This definitely has a regal quality to it and the shimmer really elevates it and gives it a lot of depth. And purple, despite not being a color we really see Leia in, definitely fits her regal personality and hey, she was a princess (and her mother was a queen)! So it totally works. Plus, Leia is definitely one of the strongest characters in the whole franchise, if you need reminding:

Make way for the General! 


  1. What a stunning polish! That shimmer!

  2. Shimmers always do me in, but I really dig that shade of plum.

  3. What a fun polish with a great name!