Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Native War Paints Pessimistic Protocol Droid

Today the polish I have to share with you is Native War Paints Pessimistic Protocol Droid, based on C-3PO, our favorite uptight protocol droid. He plays the straight man to R2-D2 and yes, is often pessimistic when faced with dire situations. But I guess given all that he's seen and been through, I can understand where he's coming from!

Pessimist Protocol Drois is described as a “holographic gold microglitter with specks of blue in a clear base.” Yup! The first coat was a bit sparse, but it built up nicely and I used three coats to make it opaque. The formula was good, maybe a titch thick but easy to apply. I wore this earlier in the month, but I don't recall having any problems with it at all. The only thing that stands out in my mind is that I do think this glitter was a bit thirsty and I needed to put on two layers of top coat to keep it completely smooth, though the microglitter finish was pretty smooth in and of itself.

Just like C-3PO when he's all shined up, Pessimistic Protocol Droid is suuuuuuper sparkly! It kind of freaked my camera out a little but, but I think you can appreciate it how gorgeous it is. I love how this looks on the nail-- it's a bit darker than a standard C-3PO gold but it's mesmerizing all the same. I couldn't stop staring at my nails while I was wearing it.