Sunday, October 9, 2011

Zoya Marley

Going backwards in time... I'm actually going to spend a little reviewing Zoya's Intimate Collection from this past spring. I know I'm way way behind, but I see a lot of the fall colors in this collection as well and for the most part, I think some of these polishes would also be perfectly appropriate for fall. You've already seen Zoya Dannii as part of my Football Friday series, so now I'll review the rest of the Intimate Collection!

First up is Marley, a beautiful delicate polish. Zoya describes Marley as the "lightest baby lavender touched with a hint of gray-silver and a subtle pearl finish. A versatile, easy to apply and wear pastel shade that's never chalky or harsh." Marley applied pretty well for a pastel-- I needed three coats to get good, even coverage. The shimmer is subtle, but not so subtle that you don't notice it.

Artificial light:

Artificial light with flash:

Natural light - shade:

Natural light - sun:

Marley is really pretty. Quite honestly, I wasn't totally convinced I would like this polish at all when I got it, but swatching it was enough to make me change my mind. This is a really pretty pastel that's not too stark and I think, despite being a little "purple" due to the lavender tones, could make a good work neutral just because it's so soft and unassuming. Definitely not a bold, in your face color, but still really pretty.

Just a note: At this point, I have stopped using Zoya's Color Lock System with my Zoya polishes, mostly because of bubbling issues. I think the Anchor base coat may be ok using a different top coat, but I have to test this theory out. I was using Essie's First Base base coat and Good to Go top coat here, and with all the other polishes in this collection.

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