Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wedding Polish Ideas

So I have a wedding next weekend and am trying to decide what to wear on my fingers and toes so I am looking good all around! First up: the dress!

This picture is a little dark, but I think you can get a feeling for the color-- it's a deep wine color, very purple-red (so of course my camera has a difficult time capturing it). I plan on wearing my wedding jewelry (as in, the jewelry I wore at my own wedding, not jewelry I have specifically for weddings) with it:

And here's a slightly less washed-out picture:

So now that you've seen the dress, I have come up with some ideas-- at least in terms of color. Since my dress is a purply red and my jewelry is bronzy, I came up with purple, red and brown/metallic for potential nail colors. For nails I was thinking either purple or brown/bronze and then red on my toes.

First up: Purples!

From left to right we have Orly Rock The World and Rococo A-Go-Go, OPI Catherine the Grape (one of my all-time favs!), Cult Nails Enigmatic, Essie Sexy Divide, It's Genius, and Damsel in a Dress. Quite honestly, I think I've already ruled out Sexy Divide, because it's a little too purple, and I need something slightly more subdued. I have a feeling Sexy Divide would be better used for one of my Football Friday posts! I contemplated adding Zoya Faye to this group, but my bottle is completely dried up! Seriously lame-- I have no idea how that happened.

Alternatively, we have some brown/metallics that would compliment my jewelry and makeup very well.

OPI Brisbane Bronze, Julep Boris & Nicole, Zoya Hermina, OPI Chicago Champagne Toast, OPI Glitzerland. I think Glitzerland might be a little too cool with my jewelry, though.

And then finally, on my toes, red!

Here we have Cult Nails Quench, butter LONDON Knees Up,  a-england Percival, Cult Nails Iconic, Zoya Rihana, and Rescue Beauty Lounge Moulin Rouge.

Now, the wedding is on a Husky game day... so I could wear a brown/bronze on my fingers and put the purple on my toes, although I think it might be fun to have a hidden, fun red too. Or really, any combination. I think these colors all great... I wish I could wear them all. Unfortunately, I don't have swatches of pretty much any of these and probably will not have time in the next week to accomplish that, unfortunately.

Any thoughts or other suggestions on what I should wear?

Edited to add: here are a couple of pictures of some of the polishes swatched with my dress and jewelry! The swatches aren't great-- I was just trying to get something done in a hurry. All the photos are taken with a flash. From left to right I have:  Zoya Hermina, Cult Nails Enigmatic, Julep Boris & Nicole, Orly Rock the World and Orly Rococo A-Go-Go.

At this point, I am honestly think I may go with Zoya Hermina on my fingers and Cult Nails Enigmatic on my toes.


  1. Purple! Enigmatic or Catherine the Grape!

  2. Pardon my outside the box reply, but my immediate thought was taupe and/or earthy due to the eggplant nature of the dress. Without looking at any names of polishes, my first thought was You Don't Know Jaques (sp?) by OPI. Merely from an interior decor standpoint I love the light dark contrast. So IMHO, going with dark wardrobe and dark nails makes the overall look vamp and more party-ish rather than wedding tasteful. On a side note, your collection to choose from is yummy in and of itself! Enjoy the event and from the look of your dress you will look gorgeous!

  3. Tiffany-- thanks for the suggestions! I think you're definitely on to something with the light vs dark. I don't want to look too vampy at the wedding. I have added a couple more pictures and I really like this light champagne/gold I have, Zoya Hermina. I don't have OPI You Don't Know Jacques, but I will have to look for it at Ulta. Something light and in the taupe/beige/neutral territory could look really pretty. I will have look at the rest of my stash.

    Duhnay - I definitely think I'm going to go with Enigmatic on my toes, especially if I go with a lighter color on my fingers!