Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wet n' Wild Fantasy Markers Purple Potion

Sorry for the long delay in any postings. My husband's cousin (the bride) got married this weekend, so we were out of town for the wedding. The bride asked my sister-in-law and I if we would play a flute duet for the wedding-- which we agreed to, not knowing that she intended us to be the only music for the ceremony at all! Whoops. Despite some disorganization, everything worked out very nicely and it was a lovely wedding and we had a lot of fun. So I apologize for the lack of posts and no Football Friday, not like it would have helped UW this weekend. Blergh. But anyway... off we go with another Halloween polish!

Next up we have a Fantasy Markers Purple Potion. After seeing this polish featured on a few other blogs, how could I pass it up? In addition to just being adorable with the little tombstone bottle, it's purple!! Actually, Purple Potion is purple glitter in a black base. The formula on Purple Potion was decent, if a little on the thick side. I only needed two coats to get full, opaque coverage-- the first coat was a little patchy so two was definitely necessary.

Artificial light:

Artificial light with flash:

Natural light - shade:

Purple Potion is a really pretty polish and I definitely love it. I tend to think of Halloween colors mainly in terms of orange and black (maybe green also) but this purple polish definitely fits well in a Halloween collection-- and even better, at just about any other time of the year too!

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