Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wet n' Wild Ready to Pounce

Because it's a night game tonight, I have lots of time to make a post before then. Today I have another Wet n' Wild polish, from the limited edition On the Prowl Collection, released in time for Halloween. This collection has been raved about by bloggers, so I started stalking my local drugstores and happened to get lucky one afternoon at my local Fred Meyer. So far, that's the only place I've seen this collection. Since the polishes are $1.99, I decided to grab a couple of the glitter polishes (which you'll see soon) and of course, the one purple polish in the display! Ready to Pounce is a beautiful deep plum polish with a lot of pink shimmer. This is especially evident in the bottle:

Really gorgeous. Unfortunately, despite looking fabulous in the bottle, I was less than thrilled with the formula. It was a little thick and while it would apply well near my cuticle and then I would have issues as I tried to spread it out towards the edge of my nail. Because of this I needed three coats to get nice even coverage.

Artificial light:

You can see that the polish got gloppy around my cuticles on my middle and ring finger.

Artificial light with flash:

Natural light - shade:

Ready to Pounce is really pretty; I just wish the formula had been a bit better for me. I'll be posting some of the glitters tomorrow!

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