Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Zoya Aster

This week we're kind of on a purple kick (though I have some blues and green you'll see later!) so today I've got another polish from the Zoya Petals collection. This is Zoya Aster, which is described as a "fresh periwinkle with flecks of fuchsia to create a dewy finish, mimicking the look of spring flowers in the morning." Aster has the same iridescent shimmer that both Zahara and Azalea do, just in a purple base!

The formula of Aster was similar to that of Zahara and Azalea. It was a little thick, but applied fairly easily. I believe I still used three coats to ensure that I had the coverage I wanted, but you could probably get away with just two depending on your nails and how you like to apply your polish. Otherwise, I didn't have issues applying it! 

Gorgeous! This is definitely one of my favorites from this collection; of course, I love that it's a purple-- can never go wrong with that! The shimmer really elevate this polish and adds a lot of dimension to the polish. Aster is a winner for me!


  1. It's my favourite shade too from Zoya Spring 2016. Lovely swatch. Your mani push me to pic it for my next mani 😍

  2. That shimmer is Aster. Yowza! I haven't seen much from the latest Zoya collection, but I will definitely check it out now.

  3. This is gorgeous, especially with the shimmer to it.

  4. I don't like the finish but I love the colour!