Friday, April 8, 2016

Delush Bling in the Good Cheer

And just to round things out with my extremely random posting this week, here's a glitter! This is another new-to-me brand, but I loved this polish so much I needed to have it and here ya go! Delush Polish is known for their signature holo circle glitters and today's polish, Bling in the Good Cheer was their contribution to the January Pipe Down This Love Is Bliss polish box (which is a monthly indie box featuring Pipe Dream Polish, Love Angeline, Bliss Polish, and a monthly guest maker). The box was a bit more than I could afford to buy at the time, so I passed, but luckily there were a few extra bottles that were made available for individual sale, so I snagged one as soon as I saw the news! Bling in the Good Cheer is described as a "deep navy jelly with an explosion of glitter and signature holo dots." Spot (dot?) on! It's got a bunch of different color glitters of various shapes and size.

Bling in the Good Cheer had a good formula. As it has a jelly base, it does go on a little sheer in the first coat, but builds up nicely. I didn't have any trouble picking up glitter, though the holo dots, due to their size, are a bit harder to get out (but not impossible). I am pretty sure I used three coats here to get it opaque enough for my liking, though I probably could have just done two. I actually got to photograph this in a few different lighting conditions but the ones in the shade turned out to be the best at showcasing the glitter (not really a surprise). I apologize for the chip on my index finger-- I took these photos the morning after I applied with and I used a peel-off base coat (the only way I will wear glitter polishes) and of course I got a chip almost immediately.

Overall, I really like this polish. My photos don't really do it justice-- it's stupidly pretty in real life. I like that I didn't have any issues applying it and the holo dots really make it stand out from any other multicolor glitters in my collection (also, the navy base is a nice twist). This was my first introduction to Delush Polish and she has a bunch of polishes on her site that I am currently eyeing, so clearly I am happy!

Happy Friday all!


  1. Its a pretty color. Its packed with some fun glitters in it.

  2. What a gorgeous polish! The navy base makes it really unusual

  3. So pretty! I especially like the holo glitters- they definitely add just a little something extra.

  4. Gorgeous swatches, I have a delush grab bag in its way can't wait to see what pretties are in it :) x

  5. This is an interesting color! I love the blue with the assorted glitters. And we know how I feel about circle glitters, haha.