Monday, May 22, 2017

Sassy Pants Polish Saber the Moment

Oh man, running late again! I had a very busy weekend solo parenting and it appears summer has finally arrived in Seattle, so I've been exhausted (and hot)! Today I have the last polish from the Nouveau Geek Star Wars themed box (from *last* May)-- Sassy Pants Polish Saber the Moment. The name gives me a give chuckle-- great pun. Saber the Moment is a shimmery sky metal that almost leans a bit metallic, and is based off the color of Anakin and Luke and now Rey's lightsaber.

Sadly, though the color of the polish is pretty, the formula on this was a real bummer. It was a bit on the sheer side (you can see some visible nail line) and dried to matte/satin finish. Because of the shimmer it had a bit of a metallic feel to it and was a titch streaky. And unfortunately, perhaps due to some thicker coats in attempt to make it more opaque, I got a ton of bubbles. UGH. I was really disappointed with how this looked.

While I don't mind the color, the formula was a huge let down here and I really wasn't happy with how the final product ended up looking, especially with the bubbles. It's possibly I didn't fully mix the polish before applying it, as it had definitely separated a bit while it had been sitting in a drawer, so maybe it would be better on a second wear. I don't know. The bubbles really killed it for me, though perhaps mixing it better and applying thinner coats would have helped the opacity and bubbles. So this was kind of let down, though I will try to revisit it in the future in hopes that I can redeem it!

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