Friday, May 19, 2017

Native Wars Paints Midiclorian Count

Whoops, I'm running a little late with this today! Rounding out the week, today I have Native War Paints Midiclorian Count to share with you! In the Star Wars universe, midiclorians are what allows a person to sense and use the Force. When this concept was introduced back in The Phantom Menace it ticked a lot of fans off. Personally, I don't have any issue with this at all. As a biologist, it makes sense that there might be some biological reason why some people might be more Force-sensitive than others and also explains why the Force is in all living things. But on to our polish! Midiclorian Count is a silvery nude with a strong blue shimmer and holographic sparkle.

It probably doesn't come as a surprise that this starts out a little bit sheer, given the light base color. At first I was a bit worried, but Midiclorian Count builds up nicely. I used three coats here to get the opacity I wanted. But aside from being a bit sheer, I didn't have many issues with this. It is a bit on thick side, but definitely not unworkable.

This is another great one! I love the shimmer and the holo here! This has a lovely ethereal quality to it. The color is deceiving-- I love thought it was more white at first, but definitely has a strong grey tone to it. In any case, I think it's lovely and unusual-- I don't think I have anything quite like this in my extensive collection!

Happy Friday and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Very unique color! The shimmer is pretty awesome too.