Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Spring 2011 Iconic/Ironic Collection

So, I became hooked on RBL polishes right before the Spring 2011 collection was released and so of course I snatched them all up before they could sell out. (Currently, none are sold out, so you're in luck if you want to snag one!)

RBL polishes are all 4-Free, so no harmful ingredients! The bottles are square glass and easy to handle. My only quibble are the brushes, which while flexible don't spread as much as I would like. But the polish applies like butter, so it's not really an issue. These polishes also dry pretty quickly, which is awesome.

This polish is a grayish lilac color with a blue shimmer. This color changes a lot depending on the light you're in-- sometimes it's more gray, sometimes more purple, and sometimes the shimmer is really apparent. I used two coats here.

In this picture, under artificial light, you can see some of the shimmer in the bottle and on my nails: 

With a flash:

Shimmer! So pretty:

And one more:

This is described by Baek as a "ladylike cocoa" and as if "a chai latte had a baby with a malted milkshake." There's a hint of shimmer to make the color dynamic and changeable in different lighting situations and keep it from being too boring. At first, the color isn't that attractive right out of the bottle, but with two coats and a nice shiny topcoat-- it's gorgeous. 

Under artificial light. You can see the shimmer in the bottle, it's a little more difficult to see on the nail. Under this light the color isn't not quite as attractive as one would hope:

Natural light; the color is much more attractive here:

With a flash:

This is a rich ebony color with multi-colored glitter to give it some pop and make it a little different from a lot of other black polishes out there. This is two coats. 

With a flash; you can see some of the shimmer on my ring finger:

Artificial light; you can really see the rainbow of glitter in the bottle:

Natural light:

This is a smoky plum/brown color and the only creme of the collection. My only disappointment is that the color is a lot more reddish plum in the bottle and it's a lot darker on the nail. However, it's still really gorgeous and doesn't look too black. This is two coats. I also had a very difficult time capturing this baby with my camera-- it's very shiny and also photographed a lot dark than it actually looked in most cases.

With a flash; the color comes across as a little gray here: 

Artificial light:

Natural light:

Natural light w/flash:

And that's the Spring 2011 collection! Gorgeous! I am wearing Recherché right now for Palm Sunday. I plan on wearing Iconoclast for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. I was planning on wearing Decorous on Easter with my fun, bright colorful dress and nude heels.

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