Sunday, April 3, 2011

Going Green for St. Patrick's!

This was posted on my other blog during March (you know, for St. Patrick's Day), but since it was my first "themed" post, I thought I would go ahead and re-post it here. I had a lot of fun doing this.

Re-Fresh Mint (China Glaze): 
I love mint green and my last experience with it (Office by American Apparel) was less than successful due to a terrible formula. This was a lot easier to work with and went on in two coats and isn't too yellow or too blue. It seems pretty bright to me, at least under artificial light.

Mint Apple (Sinful Colors): 
Sinful Colors is a "drug store" brand (which means it's cheaper, yay!) and I was passing through Bartell's and saw this and decided I had to have it. A darker green mint with some gold shimmer. Very pretty! This was two coats and applied really nicely-- but was a pain in the butt to remove.

Four Leaf Clover (China Glaze): 
This is what I would call kelly green, except that it's got more blue undertones and so probably isn't a true kelly green. Regardless, this polish is practically in neon when you put it on. The picture makes it look very blue and dark, but in natural light it's quite bright.  

Tree Hugger (China Glaze): 
I love this color. A yellow/green lime color with a nice shimmer. I loved wearing this, and was actually the color I wore on St. Patrick's Day. The color makes it look a little more olive in color-- in reality it's brighter and more lime looking. This picture doesn't really do the polish justice.

Leaf Him At the Altar (Sephora by OPI): 
Much more subdued green, more olive in tone with a silvery shimmer. Very reminiscent of spring leaves and blooming. Such a beautiful color. Glad I grabbed this because apparently now it's out of stock at Sephora. Just kidding - actually, it's back in stock. According to Sephora, it should look like this:


On my hands it looks like this:

Watermelon Rind (China Glaze): 
Pretty much a perfect name for this polish. Very summer friendly with a lot of sparkle-- definitely makes me want to sit out in the sun with a book, some lemonade and some fresh watermelon. The picture doesn't really do the green justice, but you can get a hint for the sparkle.  It's really, really sparkly.

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