Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Dead Calm

Now that all my family is gone after Easter/Dad's birthday, I have time to post something again! I wore this color a week or so ago.

So, after purple, I am a huge sucker for blue polishes. I love blue! Seriously, if it's blue, I want it. When I first discovered Rescue Beauty Lounge, two of the polishes I bought were blue. This is Dead Calm, a deep dark navy blue. I've seen this polish described as cobalt blue, and in the bottle it definitely looks more cobalt in appearence (actually, sort of like a blue Crayola crayon melted down)-- but in real life it's much darker, closer to navy with some green in the base.

On to the pictures!

With a flash:

Natural light:

Some up close photos:

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