Monday, April 4, 2011

Miscellaneous Round-Up

Nothing new here, just some old (relatively speaking) swatches I did a few weeks ago and am reposting here.

Ruble For Your Thoughts (OPI): 
This is from OPI's 2007 Russia collection and was a polish I randomly picked up at one point before I become polish crazy. However, I love the unique color, kind of a rose gold, with pink/gold/bronze hints in it. Plus, it's nice to have something shiny and warm on my fingers in this terribly dreary weather.

Plugged-In Plum (OPI):
Another polish from my "original collection" that I hadn't actually worn before and decided to pull out a little bit ago. I picked this up for football season and never got around to wearing it. It's a real electric plug color and the picture doesn't really do it justice.


Royal Tease (China Glaze): 
My mom gave me this polish since she knows how much I adore purple. Again, I never got around to wearing this color during football season. It's a pretty color, but I had real issues getting it to look nice (and stay that way). It was driving me crazy, but maybe it'll be better if I do it again in the future. The picture also doesn't really do this justice either-- it's a pretty silvery purple, with some red undertones.

Run With It! (Sephora by OPI):
I love wearing crazy colors on my nails, but sometimes that's not always appropriate (bummer, I know). I saw this polish on another blog and it intrigued me and I managed to find it on sale on the Sephora website. It's described as a "metallic dove grey" and it's a grey/taupe color with some shimmer. I love it, though it may not be great with my skin tone. I probably also needed three coats on this, as it's a little thin in places, but I really like it.

Swatch from Sephora:
On me:

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