Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Palate cleanser

So after all of those super bright colors I was wearing last week, I decided I needed a "palate cleanser" for my nails, as least color-wise. The other week I stopped by the Fred Meyer down the street to check on their polish selection and realized that I had forgotten they actually sold OPI. While browsing I noticed they had a last chance bin with some sale OPI polishes. I grabbed several, including one called Pink-ing Of You. I think it's actually a part of the bridal collection (from many years ok) but I don't have many (hardly any, really) pink polishes in my collection. So I decided to snatch this up.

The color is a nice pastel pink-- a shade I would liken to cotton candy or associate with baby girls. The formula was a little iffy-- it is a sheer polish, so I am wearing three coats here. (I actually went back and redid it with four.) I found the polish the be a bit streaky and uneven so even if I wanted to wear it super sheer I don't think it would have looked great.

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