Saturday, April 28, 2012

Upcoming no/low buy!

So I have recently come to conclusion that a)  I have a ton of polish and b) I have spent an exorbitant amount of money on said polishes. Therefore, it's time that I go on a no/low buy. I buy all the polishes I put on the blog, and there are a lot more you don't see! With help from the lovely Amanda of Fashion Footing, we are going to help each other from caving to the pressure of buying new polishes (or at least, too many polishes)! We are attempting two months, starting May 1st and ending July 1st. I am doing a no buy (with exceptions) and Amanda is planning a low buy limit.

I have a couple of goals from this no/low buy. The first is catch up on swatching of a lot of polishes that have gone by the wayside-- I bought them in a hoarders fit and they are languishing in a drawer somewhere. The second is to update my excel spreadsheet of all the polishes I own and get it in some semblance of organization. Lastly, I hope that this no/low buy will help me to reaffirm that I don't need nor can possibly have every.single.polish out there and it's a little unhealthy to be so obsessed. I would actually like to see if I can extend this a little further, in hopes to give my bank account some relief and go on setting a low limit for myself over several more months. We'll see! There are of course polishes I want, but nothing I can't live without if I really think about it.

There are, however, a couple of notable exceptions.

1) Lynnderella order from Llarowe. I submitted this order months ago (February 27th, to be exact) and it looks like my name is *finally* coming up this weekend-- assuming they actually get through to invoicing the R's. If not, it'll probably fall into the period of my no buy. It's going to be hefty, but since I've already waited two months, I'm not going to pass it up.

2) Dior Les Violets Hypnotique Collection - this has been released in Europe, and honestly, I don't even know if it's due to be released in the US, but if it is... I'm buying them! Or maybe they were already released and disappeared and so then it's a moot point.

3) Since my birthday also falls smack dab in the middle of the no buy period, I am also reserving the right to use any birthday money on polishes as a treat to myself, in particular if Rescue Beauty Lounge releases any polishes in my no buy window. If that doesn't happen, maybe some fun Etsy polishes. Or maybe the two Chanel polishes I want right now. You get the idea.

But anyway, wish me luck! I will of course still be reviewing polishes (and lots of them!) but I will be refraining from buying any. Of course, I still accept gifts! Kidding... sort of. ;-)

Other things we discounting: Julep Maven subscriptions don't count as part of the no/low buy, but add-ons would (at least for me).


  1. I wish you well with this effort! I really should do something similar but I just can't quite find the motivation. Maybe when I fill my last Helmer. :)

    P.S. Any chance you'd consider turning off word verification for comments? I need to save my eyesight for swatching polish. :)

    1. I didn't even realize word verification was on-- I will see if I can turn it off! So far I've been lucky not to spammed too much so I'll see if I can make it easier to comment. I hate the word verification too!

  2. Whoohoo!! I'm excited and after emptying my helmer to reorganize last night, it has completely reaffirmed the need for this! The only things I'm planning on buying at a few of the Spider Man OPI's and a few of the China Glaze neons, whenever they are released! Goooooo No/Very Low Buy!!!! We can do it! LOL