Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1 Year Blogoversary! Lacquistry A Friggin' Circus

Today marks my 1 year blogoversary! Hooray! I can't believe it's been a year since I started this blog. That seems unreal to me. Thank you so much for reading! To celebrate my anniversary I have a really awesome polish to show you: A Friggin' Circus by Lacquistry.

So indie polish brands are HUGE right now. There a ton available on Etsy and several others run their own stores. The polishes these artists create are unique, amazing, fun and above all, super glittery. However, there is a major problem right now-- mainly that demand far exceeds supply, because these are indie operations and can only produce so many polishes at any time. So it can be incredibly hard to get your hands on these polishes because they can literally sell out in seconds. Lacquistry is one of these indie polish makers and in one of her recent store openings I managed to snag one of her polishes, A Friggin' Circus.

A Friggin' Circus is multi-color hex glitter in a sheer pink base. Lacquistry describes it as "15 different colors of mini hex glitters swirl around in a sheer pink/fuchsia jelly base, you have got a party on your hands- or clown vomit- however you prefer to look at it." Hard to argue with that!  The polish is pretty thick, but I got the hang of it as I moved from nail to nail. Here I have it layered over one coat of Julep Eva and used Essie Good to Go as my top coat. I used 1-2 coats of A Friggin' Circus here.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Natural light - sun:

Bottle shots!

Isn't this an awesome polish?! I love this so much. I want to try this over all my spring Julep polishes! I think it would look great over pretty much any color. I don't currently (yet!) own any other multi-color glitter polishes.

Again, I want to thank everyone out there for reading my blog! I welcome all comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions!

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