Friday, November 11, 2011

Football Friday: Revlon Royal Cloak

Hi all!! Can you believe we're back to Friday again? Am I the only one who feels like time goes by faster as we get older? We're practically to Thanksgiving now; it's hard to believe. I'm already making lists for Christmas. Ahh!

We are rapidly approaching the end of football season-- the Huskies only have three more games to play in the regular season. Right now the Huskies record sits at 6-3-- so far all of our loses this season have been to Top 25 teams. This weekend we head down to LA to play the USC Trojans, who are currently ranked #18 in the country, though they are currently ineligible for post-season play due to NCAA sanctions. For the last two years we have managed to beat USC thanks to our wonderful kicker, Erik Folk (also my favorite player-- I have a soft spot for kickers), despite being the underdogs. Given that we haven't really been good at competing with Top 25 teams at all this year, I'm not really sure if we stand a chance this year. USC is a good team and even though they won't be able to participate in post-season play that hasn't affected their game at all. They managed to take Stanford down to the wire last week, while we played a dismal game again Oregon at home. Despite the unfortunate outcome of last week's game, my husband and I hosted an awesome tailgate-- the last until 2013, when we're back in Husky Stadium. Anyway, tomorrow we play the Trojans in their stadium for the second year in a row and I'm not sure we'll be able to pull off an upset for a third year in a row, though it would be pretty amazing.

Since this is an away game, I decided to pull out a pretty straight-forward purple. Revlon Royal Cloak was part of Revlon's Masquerage Collection for Fall 2011. This was available in pretty much all local drugstores and the first few times I saw this display, I passed it by. Yes, I glanced it and thought Royal Cloak was pretty, but I wasn't compelled to grab until I saw some swatches on other blogs. Then I had to have it and so quickly went out and found a display that had it. I've been saving it specifically for a Football Friday post!

Royal Cloak is deep purple violet with lighter colored violet flakies suspended in it. The first coat when on a fairly well, though a perhaps a bit streaky, but a slightly thicker second evened everything out and gave very nice coverage. The color is deep and gorgeous and the flakies just give it added depth. I liked the pictures I had seen online, but wow, this is so much better in person.

Artificial light:

Artificial light with flash:

Natural light - shade:

It probably doesn't mean anything, since it doesn't take much to win me over when it comes to a purple polish, but I really like Royal Cloak. The flakies make it really interesting and the color is fantastic. Plus, the formula was excellent-- I was really impressed. I highly recommend Royal Cloak-- it's a great, beautiful polish.

Go Dawgs! Beat the Trojans!


  1. It is really pretty. The polish is slightly darker in real life; I love it.