Friday, November 25, 2011

Football Friday Apple Cup Edition: Rescue Beauty Lounge Look Rich Be Cheap

This is the last regular Football Friday of the year! I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving and either that you're enjoying a relaxing Friday or having a good time shopping during Black Friday. I am avoiding the malls today-- did some pre-Black Friday sale shopping on Wednesday and then bought some nail polishes on sale last night (from Cult Nails and a england).

This week's game is our annual rivalry with the other state university, WSU. Otherwise known as the Apple Cup (because Washington State is known for its apples, one of the main exports of our state), this is a game that dates back to 1900, though it has not been play continuously for various reasons. This year marks the 104th meeting of Washington and Washington State-- but the game, which is a home game for UW, will be played on Seattle's NFL field (Century Link, or the Clink if you're feeling derogatory) instead of Husky Stadium, due to the current ongoing renovations. Unfortunately, we're missing the Apple Cup this year because we're out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, though we are hosting a viewing party with my in-laws... who happen to be WSU fans-- well, at least my FIL, who is a WSU grad. Honestly, I'm not feeling great about the game tomorrow, mainly because UW seems to have lost all their drive and motivation in the last several games and while thankfully WSU was knocked out of bowl eligibility last week so they don't have anything on the line, WSU always wants to take UW down a peg or two. UW has won the last two meetings and obviously we'd like to keep that going.

Since this is the last regular season game, I decided to pull out the big guns for this game and go all out using Rescue Beauty Lounge Look Rich Be Cheap. I'll be honest-- a lot of bloggers are really into glitter and I'm not. Not that I don't like the way it looks, but glitter is such a pain in the butt to deal with: application can be tricky in some cases and the removal is always a hassle. But I decided to risk it. Look Rich Be Cheap is a mix of gold and purple glitter in a clear base. Ji Baek says this about Look Rich Be Cheap: "take a cue from our fabulous First Lady who mixes J.Crew with Jimmy Choo with the same ease as we’ve mixed gold and purple glitter into something chic and cool." I had heard great things about the glitter polishes from RBL so even though I wasn't sold, I decided to get this because of the colors in one of my last orders.

Look Rich Be Cheap is seriously blingtastic. My camera wigged out trying to take pictures of this and I think my eyes started to wig out looking at it. Application is pretty good, though you definitely need to wait in between coats to avoid dragging the glitter all over your nail. Below I've used three coats. As you can see, it's fairly opaque in three coats, but there is still some visible nail line. I think you could potentially use Look Rich Be Cheap over a base color to eliminate any VNL and I might try this at some point. But even without a base color, it looks pretty good. To me, I feel like the gold glitter is way more dominant than the purple, but maybe that's just because my eyes go crazy when I stare at this.

Artificial light:

Artificial light with flash:

Natural light - shade:

No holds barred glitter-- this is serious business! I liked that it was fairly easy to apply and the glitter is pretty fine, so it's not super gritty and bumpy. I used Cult Nails Get It On base coat and Wicked Fast top coat and I don't remember Look Rich Be Cheap eating the top coat, as can be the case with glitter polishes. Great polish all around. My only little complaint is that I wish there was a bit more purple glitter-- I feel like the purple gets overwhelmed by the gold because it's so shiny.

The Apple Cup has a long and important history for my husband and I-- we got engaged at the 2005 Apple Cup (my last as a student):

And because my FIL is a WSU grad, we also have a family rivalry on the line-- we even have our own version of the Apple Cup trophy! Here we are receiving the trophy in 2009:

So there's a lot on the line tomorrow! Go Dawgs! Beat the Cougars!

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