Tuesday, November 15, 2011

butter LONDON Wallis

Hello all! Tonight I have another polish from butter LONDON's Fall 2011 Collection-- Wallis. Like the infamous woman this polish is named after, Wallis got a lot of buzz in the polish world when it was first released exclusively by Nordstrom during their anniversary sale this summer. I confess, I originally got this polish because the color is very "in" this season and because of the huge Wallis generated when it was released, rather being in love with the color of the polish. But, I did think it was a fabulous polish and was thinking maybe it would make a good polish to wear to the wedding I attended last month.

Even though I didn't immediately gravitate to the color, this olive gold color is extremely popular color this fall-- several collections released this fall include an olive gold shade. I was unsure if Wallis would actually look good on me, but I was game to give it a try. Surprisingly, I ended up loving Wallis. The color is fan-freaking-tastic! butter LONDON describes Wallis as a "tarnished, metallic olive gold, as mysterious and regal as its namesake." This is pretty accurate-- Wallis is packed full of beautiful olive gold particles and looks fabulous on the nail. The formula is great; I only needed two coats to get nice coverage on my nails.

I have lots of pictures of this gorgeous polish! 

Artificial light:

Artificial light with flash:

Natural light - shade:

I love all eras of British history and recently read a very interesting book about Wallis Simpson called The Duchess of Windsor, by Charles Higham. One of things that I did find fascinating is that there actually was a color call "Wallis Blue"-- the color of Wallis' dress when she married Edward, the Duke of Windsor. It is interesting that butter LONDON decided to go with this olive gold color instead of the pale blue color associated with Wallis Simpson. In any case, Wallis is a great polish and extremely gorgeous. I love it and I'm really glad I picked it up.

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