Friday, November 4, 2011

Football Friday: a-england Lady of the Lake and OPI Curry Up Don't Be Late!

Football Friday is late tonight because it's been a busy day! Today marks the University of Washington's 150th Birthday-- 150 years ago today classes commenced at the then Territorial University of Washington. Happy Sesquicentennial, UW!! In addition to that, basketball also started tonight with an exhibition game so we were running from one event to another.

Tomorrow's game features UW's most hated rival (at least of the current football era), the Oregon Ducks. The UW-Oregon rivalry is a recent one, and probably harkens back to 1994, when Oregon finally started to surge as a football team and sadly, Oregon has beaten UW the past 7 years. Yuck! But aside from that, tomorrow marks an important event-- the last game in Husky Stadium in it's current configuration. On Sunday the construction will begin for a year and a half and we will not play in Husky Stadium until the fall of 2013. It'll definitely be weird to be playing in the area's professional stadium for a year, but I know Husky Stadium is going to look great when it's all finished.

Husky Stadium now:

The future:

I decided to try my first half moon manicure this weekend! I had been wanting to use e-england's Lady of the Lake, so I picked that as my purple and then scoured my collection for a gold to use as my base. I finally decided on OPI Curry Up Don't Be Late! from the India Collection from Spring/Summer 2008. I have had this polish for a really long time and usually end up wearing it on my toes, but I thought it was a nice complement to Lady of the Lake. The polish itself is a little sheer-- you can see some visible nail line. It went on very nicely but I used three coats to eliminate most of the VNL. Aside from that, Curry Up Don't Be Late! is a beautiful light yellow gold.

Artificial light:

Artificial light with flash:

Natural light - shade:

I let my base color dry for awhile, in addition to applying a fast drying top coat. In these pictures I used Cult Nails Wicked Fast top coat-- when I did the full manicure I used my favorite Essie Good to Go top coat. To make the half moon, I used Orly's french manicure guides to create the area I was going to polish:

I applied two coats of a-england Lady of the Lake, which is a gorgeous deep purple with holographic glitter in it!! It's so so so so pretty. Seriously love this polish. I wish I had had some sunlight to capture this gorgeous polish in. I wait for Lady of the Lake to dry before peeling off the stickers, though on a couple nails I think either I didn't get the stickers stuck down on the nail properly or I peeled them off before the polish was dry. But it still looks good!

Artificial light:

Artificial light with flash (look at the sparkle!):

Natural light - shade (and one with flash):

Maybe the "half moons" are a little too big, but I'm really happy with how it turned out for the first half moon manicure I've done! What do you think?

My husband, who normally doesn't really pay attention of my manicures, thought this manicure was "pretty cool." I guess I've done something right!

Go Dawgs! Beat the Ducks!

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  1. That gold looks so different depending on the lighting.