Friday, October 5, 2012

Lacquistry Corn Maize

Today I have the second of three Lacquistry fall polishes from the Fall Y'all trio-- Corn Maize. Get it?! You know, I've never been to a corn maze, although I've always thought that be a fun thing to do. Lacquistry describes Corn Maize as "poppin’ with varying shades of yellow, gold, and even a bit of white “kernels” in a clear base sprinkled with crystalline yellow glitter. Dappled throughout are pieces of golden corn silk- (bar glitter)." There's a lot going on in this polish too, but I would recommend layering this over a base color because I think it would be difficult to make opaque.

Here I have layered Corn Maize over Julep Gunta in an effort to make the gold glitter stand out. I used one coat here and I was happy that Corn Maize was not as thick as Spiced Candy Apple Cider and was a little easier to apply. It dries down to a gritty finish-- I am not wearing a top coat here but would of course recommend wearing one.

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

I'm not thrilled with my swatches here. I think I need to try this over a different base color-- maybe a deep red or a dusky green. This doesn't look quite as "fallish" as I would like, though I do like the combination of gold and blue together.


  1. Ohhh pretty! And I love the Maize and Blue combination! LOL

    1. Hahaha, you know, I didn't even make the maize and blue connection! Must have been subconscious.