Monday, October 29, 2012

Wet n Wild Venomous Vixen

I have a very appropriate story to go along with the name of this polish, although it bears no relation to the polish itself. Saturday morning I was getting towels out of the dryer to take and hang in our bathroom, when I walked out of the laundry room and stepped on something sharp. For a moment I thought I had stepped on a pin, but when I looked down I saw a yellow jacket crawling on the carpet! And then of course, the bee venom was coursing through my foot and it hurt like heck!! So I was yelling for husband to kill the yellow jacket, in the midst of some hysterical crying/laughing. It's been so long since I've been stung by a bee-- I had forgotten how much it hurts. Wow! Now it's severely swollen and itching like crazy. The only thing that seems to help is ice. I hope it goes away soon. So don't play with venom! =)

Tonight I have Wet n Wild Venomous Vixen, the last polish I currently have from the Pick Your Poison collection (but I have another on the way-- you'll just have to wait!) and certainly not the least. Venomous Vixen is a shimmery gunmetal grey with some blue in it! The formula is great, just like the other polishes from this line, but a little on the sheer side so I had to use three coats here for good measure.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

I love this! I expecting just another grey shimmer (which is very pretty), but I love the blue shimmer in this and think it makes the polish more unique. 


  1. I'm usually not a huge fan of dark greys/blacks, but this is gorgeous! Sorry that you had to get stung by a bee.. those hurt!

    1. I love the little sparks of blue! And yeah, this bee sting is terrible! I hope I don't have to experience it again any time soon!

  2. I actually got my first ever bee sting 3 years ago when trying on a shirt at a store. I looked in the mirror and it was crawling up my neck. What I thought was a pin or tag stabbing me was actually the bee stuck in my shirt. It's the worst!