Friday, September 30, 2011

Football Friday: Cult Nails Vicious

So, last week was the Huskies first conference game and we managed to hold off Cal to get our first conference win of the season, making us 3-1 so far this season!! This week holds our first conference road game of season, against Pac-12 newbie, Utah. Despite being new to the conference, Utah is a very good team-- in fact, for several years they have been a Top 25 team, something we are still a long way from. This will definitely be an interesting match-up. The Huskies certainly have the offensive power, but we're going to have to play good defense and not get emotional if things don't go our way, like our mental breakdown during the Nebraska game.

Because this week is an away game and I'm still recovering from my cold and dealing with my husband's crazy work schedule so I was not feeling super creative. But luckily I got a brand new polish in the mail last week-- Vicious, a new creme polish from Cult Nails that Maria has recently added to her collection! I *believe* this is a permanent polish, but I'm not sure. Vicious is a gorgeous, creamy eggplant purple. Unfortunately, my notes aren't so great for this, but the polish has a great formula: thin, but not watery. It flowed well on the nail and was extremely pigmented. Probably could get away with one coat, but I used two coats here. I also used Cult Nails new treatments, Get It On (base coat) and Wicked Fast (top coat) which work awesomely and I find myself liking more and more.

Artificial light:

Artificial light with flash:

Natural light - shade:

Natural light - sun:

Fabulous purple shade! Really gorgeous and the formula is perfection. The color on the nail is a little darker than the bottle, but only slightly. It's a seriously great purple.

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