Thursday, September 15, 2011

Essie 2011 Wedding Collection Review

Essie's 2011 Wedding Collection is a nice mix of traditional bridal shades and some fun, more non-traditional shades.

First up we have Better Together, a sheer bridal pink:

Borrowed & Blue, an opaque baby blue creme:

Made to Honor, a sheer pinky beige:

First Dance, a cherry red jelly:

While all the shades are very nice, my favorites were definitely Borrowed & Blue and First Dance, which while they are not so original, represent a slight departure from more traditional wedding manicures. The sheers aren't really anything original, though, and I feel like you unless you like sheer polishes, you can find opaque polishes in similar colors that are easier to work with in terms of coverage.

Personally, I'm kind of glad it's becoming more commonplace to jazz up your nails for your wedding. When I got married four years ago I was pretty boring-- French manicure (which many polish fanatics have strong feelings about). Of course, I wasn't really into polish then, so who knows what I would do if I was getting married now.

All in all, a small but nice collection. Some good shades to have in your core collection, though none of them is particularly unique. Of all the shades in the collection. I would say Borrowed & Blue is the "must buy."


  1. I like Borrowed and Blue the best. Pretty!

  2. Yeah, it's definitely the most unique out of the whole collection. I love it-- it's a great color.