Monday, September 5, 2011

Zoya Pandora

And the last polish of Zoya's Touch collection is Pandora. This polish is much more pink than either Minka or Shay. Zoya describes Pandora as "a medium pink-beige nude with blue and mauve undertones and a hint of pearly silver shimmer. An opaque, full-coverage nude that works beautifully on skin with cool tones." I felt like I had the easiest time with this polish-- I managed to get good coverage with two coats without out any issues.

While I do think this color is a little too pink and a little too dark to work as "nude" for my skintone, it still works as a good neutral polish. Unfortunately, I feel like my camera didn't really pick up the pink tones of Pandora very well. In some of the pictures you can see it, but the polish is a lot pinker in real life.

Artificial light:

Artificial light with flash:

Natural light - shade:

Natural light - sun:

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