Monday, January 23, 2012

A England Perceval

Tonight I have a beautiful a-england polish for you-- Perceval! This was actually one of the first a-england polishes I ever purchased, and so perhaps it is fitting that on the day I complete my Mythicals collection that I have this polish to show you! It's a crying shame that it took me so long to get around to swatching it.

Perceval is seriously, drop-dead gorgeous. The a-england website describes it as a "splendid and resplendent red"-- which does not nearly go far enough to describe how awesome Perceval is. I would describe it was a lit-from-within glowy metallic red polish. It's beautiful. I love how this polish looks like it glows. According to the a-england site and Arthurian legend, Perceval is the guileless knight-- "the elect one to witness the Grail for the first time and one of the heroes of its quest. A simple, innocent man, alone in the world who accidentally meets a group of the King's knights and decides to become one of them." At first, I thought red was an interesting choice for such a man, but according to legend (and Wikipedia), Perceval kills a bad knight and takes his vermilion armor... vermilion, of course, being a shade of red, which makes the color of this polish spot on!

Perceval had a great formula and applied really smoothly. Two coats make it perfectly opaque and it dried fairly quickly. It was shiny and glowy even without a top coat, but here I am wearing the a-england top coat, the Shield over Perceval.

Artificial light with flash:

Artificial light:

The first picture makes Perceval look more tomato red-- it most definitely is not! The second picture is definitely more color accurate.

Natural light - shade:

Perceval is the shimmery red to end all reds. Run out and get a bottle right now! This is a fabulous polish!

And, last but not least... I completed my a-england Mythicals collection today, receiving the last three polishes I needed, thanks to the anniversary sale earlier this month!

Additionally... I also got four polishes from the new Legends collection!!

So I have lots of great polishes to show you guys! I can't wait!

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