Friday, September 23, 2016

Purple Friday: Colors by Llarowe Giant Giraffes In My Yard

It's Purple Friday again, yay!! This week had has some ups and downs but it's ending on a high note as my husband and I are going out to celebrate our ninth anniversary tonight! Crazy how much time has already passed! We had initally thought we might celebrate by going down to Arizona for the Husky game but it ended up not working out. While it would have been fun, I'm not totally bummed out because there's always stuff to do around the house! This week's game kicks off conference play and I'm a bit anxious about it. This is our first real test of the season and we haven't won in the desert for 10 years. But given our uneven play over our first three games isn't giving me a lot of hope for a win. I mean, on paper we should be able to do so, but paper means jack when it comes to game time! So we'll see! Hopefully the Huskies can get it together and bring home the W! 

This week I picked CbL Giant Giraffes In My Yard for my purple polish, which is described as a "bright, deep grape purple scattered holo with intense pink shimmer. This polish glows!" They're not kidding when they say this glows. It has that "lit-from-within" quality that makes it sing. This started off a bit sheer, and while two coats looked pretty good, I ended up using three to give it a nice depth and to make sure I had completely opaque coverage. The formula has a jellyish feel to it but was fairly easy to apply and built up nicely. 

Truly, the photos don't do this justice at all! The red glow is very prominent in real life, and it's stunning. Run out and get this immediately! I mean, if purple polish is your thing. The holo in this did not really stand out under my lighting conditions but we'll see if I get some sun on Saturday so maybe I can catch it. I'm really happy with Giant Giraffes In My Yard

Go Dawgs! Beat the Wildcats! 

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