Monday, September 19, 2016

Enchanted Polish The Youth

I'm going to try a slight change in my post schedule-- I've been aiming for five posts a week but am now going to hit four instead because I've been falling behind! I'm hoping giving myself a break day (Wednesday in this case) will help me stay on top of things! Today I have another polish that I actually wore awhile ago: Enchanted Polish The Youth. This was a re-release, just like Future Reflections.

The Youth is a green to bronze shifting duochrome holographic. Like most Enchanteds and from what I recall, the formula was good. I used at least two coats, but probably three coats because I'm like that.

I know you are looking at the photos above and saying "green?! Cat, you are full of it!" But truly, I am not lying! Here I've got a slightly different lighting situation so you can see the green tone of the polish (and really, it was green in most lights-- the flash brought out the bronze tones).

Look at that!! Pretty stunning, right? I love this, maybe more than Future Reflections! There's something about a green duochrome that I just freaking love! Pretty much one of my favorite ways to wear green! I love this one so much! Hope everyone is having a good Monday!

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