Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pahlish Melon Baller

Tuesday after Labor Day is always a bit of let down, especially because I took Friday. But both my kids are sick now so I'm secretly looking forward to word so I can get a little down time from mom duty. I guess I'm taking this whole "it's still summer" thing seriously because I've got an eye searing polish to share with you today-- Pahlish Melon Baller! I actually picked this up during Pahlish's Black Friday sale last year (same old song, too many polishes not enough time) but given the brightness of the color I decided to save it for the summer. Melon Baller was actually released last summer, but proved to be so popular that she released it again! I picked it up because neons and flakies?! Sign me up! 

Melon Baller is described as a "neon melon jelly with a mix of silver and violet flakes." Perfect! I wore this awhile ago and don't quite remember every single little detail but I don't recall having issues. This went on smoothly and built up nicely; there's a hint of visible nail line but I don't think it was a big deal in real life. The only minor issue was the flakies did want to migrate toward the free edge but it wasn't too terrible. I am pretty sure I used three coats here! 

Melon Baller was way more neon than I remember, haha! But definitely a great color for summer. The flakies add some nice dimension; you don't see many flakie neons out there! This is my third Pahlish polish and I'm still impressed with brand! 

Hope everyone's week has started off well!