Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fairytale Finish Enchanted F

A little while ago Amanda of Fairytale Finish announced she was selling mystery polishes on her site called "Enchanted Polishes" (not be confused with the brand) and so I decided to buy one because, hey, why not?! The polish I got is called Enchanted F so I'm guessing they are lettered? Now that she has announced she is closing up shop I suspect this was a way to clean out prototypes etc, but regardless, mystery polishes are always a fun surprise!

Enchanted F is a denim blue polish silver and holographic glitter of various sizes throughout. The base does have a touch of purple to it, but I would say overall is still pretty blue. The formula is good, as far as I recall-- sometimes polishes like this can be thick and while maybe it tended to lean that way, was still easy to work with. I can't remember exactly, but I am pretty sure I only used two coats here! I don't like to build up glitter polishes too much unless they a) have a white base or b) are super sheer because they tend to get gloopy (due to the thicker formula) so I'm pretty sure two is what I went for here.

While I tend not to be a glitter person, I really liked this polish! It helps that it's blue, for one, because I pretty much love all things blue. The base color is gorgeous and I think the silver/holographic glitter really works with the base. All around this was a winner for me and I'm very happy I picked it up!

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  1. Such a pretty color. I would wear this color a ton too.