Monday, September 5, 2016

Girly Bits No Tan Lines

Today is Labor Day which traditionally is considered the "last day of summer" in the United States as school often starts immediately afterwards (though quite honestly I think there are a lot of schools that start before), but I'm not quite ready to let summer go. Our weather has been feeling differently, but I don't care! On that vein, the polish I have for you today is the other half of the July COTM from Girly Bits-- sporting an equally cheeky name, this is No Tan Lines!

No Tan Lines is descibed as a "medium orange coral low-medium density holo with red shimmer and gold glass fleck." I would say that's pretty accurate! I was actually surprised because I thought this would be orange, but it definitely looks more coral on me! Similarly to Suns Out Buns Out, this has a good formula and was easy to apply. It builds up nicely and I used three coats.

Of the July COTM duo, No Tan Lines was definitely my favorite! Whatever I felt was lacking in Suns Out Guns Out was definitely present in No Tan Lans and I loved wearing it. This is such a great summer color and I very well might pull it out during the upcoming winter months as well! I think I am going to be adding this polish to my 2016 favorites list!