Thursday, June 18, 2015

Triple Play Thursday: Nail Nation 3000 Holos

This is embarrassing. While going through some files on my computer, I stumbled across these swatches from Nail Nation 3000. And they are from... August 2013, before my kids were born. Um, wow, that's really shameful! Especially since these are really pretty polishes! If I recall correctly, there was a lot of buzz when these were originally released because at the time, I don't think there were a lot of neon holo polishes out there. So it's a shame I never got around to posting these until now! But enjoy some awesome holo goodness as we get ready to head into the weekend! I picked up three polishes from this collection, Awesome Sauce, Glam Bot, and Wow-a-Doodle.

Unfortunately I don't have any notes on these, but I don't recall having any issues and I'm pretty sure these all went on smoothly and in two coats. They are all pretty holographic, although in my photos Wow-a-Doodle looks the most holographic. I'd actually have to pull out my bottles to compare to see if this is true or if it's just a trick of the camera. These are all perfect summer colors-- I know holos are traditional for summer, but I never stop loving them. You can't go wrong!

Awesome Sauce is a neon orange holographic:

Glam Bot is a barbie pink neon holo:

Wow-a-Doodle is a bright blue holo:

I'll be honest-- I find the Nail Nation 3000 restocks to be a bit confusing, so you just need to trawl her website and facebook page. She does make some gorgeous holos, though! And, if you happen to look at these swatches and wish you could get your hands on these particular polishes-- you can!! Some of the polishes from this collection have been reformulated and released, and you can pick them up now! Awesome Sauce is not currently available, but Glam Bot and Wow-a-Doodle are! I know I plan on picking up a couple of the polishes I missed the first time around.


  1. These are really pretty. I don't own any from Nail Nation... yet.... muahahaha, lol.