Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Julep Ali and LuLu

Inititally I was going to post these separately, but I had pretty similar things to say about them so I figured I would put them in the same post, rather than just repeat myself! I don't want to get too repetitive. Today I have Julep Ali and LuLu to share with you. Like Janet, these two polishes have the "soft-focus" semi-matte finish and were released back in March. Ali is described as a "hint of mint" while LuLu is a "wisteria mist."

This both had a similar formula, and that was similar to Janet. While decently pigmented, they are on the thick side and prone to dragging and streaking, unfortunately. So annoying! I used a light hand and that helped a lot, as well as being careful not to go back over any areas I had already painted. The semi-matte finish does dry fairly quickly (but not so quickly that it messed up your application) and in the ended I needed three coats to get even coverage. It's not horrible, but it's not great either.


Ali does look a little bit more glossy here, but it really does dry down to a more matte finish. 


I do like the soft focus finish, but I do wish the formula was a bit better. It's the white pastel base, I'm sure. Overall, I like the polishes even though I wish that the formula was a bit better! But I like that Julep does explore a variety of finishes, which definitely helps keep the Maven boxes interesting month after month.

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