Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Illamasqua Marquise

Sorry for the lapse in posting-- we traveled out of town last week to visit family and celebrate our birthdays. That was just exhausting so I didn't get anything written up for Friday or today. Oh well. That's life, right? Today we're back with a "Texture Tuesday" post from my new favorite brand: Illamasqua! Today I have Marquise, which is what Illamasqua calls a "shattered star finish" aka a sparkly, glittery texture-- very similar to the original Zoya Pixie Dusts. I would call Marquise a coral orange with a strong gold sparkle.

Marquise has an absolutely fantastic formula and is practically a one coat wonder. I used two coats, of course, to make sure I had complete coverage! The formula was smooth and not too thick and was easy to apply, no issues at all. Like most textures, Marquise dried down quickly. And even better, it was super easy to remove! 

Artificial light (flash):

I am in.freaking.LOVE!! with this polish. It was perfect in every way! Illamasqua has very quickly worked their way up to being one of my favorite brands. I will definitely be bring you more Illamasqua polishes in the future and looking for more opportunities to snatch them up. (Please Hautelook, have another sale!) Happy Tuesday all!


  1. I have this and I love it. Illamasqua is really rather awesome, I wish it were more easily available!